The Great Resignation: How Video Can Help

Table of content
  1. Introduction
  2. Staff as leaders
  3. Internal communications
  4. Brand values
  5. Recruitment videos
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1 year ago・15 min read

For some time human resources departments have gone to sleep at night with panic and fears of the ‘Great Resignation’ that would drain their post-pandemic teams and leave their businesses in short supply of key talent, as workers returning to the office reprioritised their lives and sought greener pastures.

In some industries the fears have proven to be overdramatized, and in others realistic. BusinessInsider just reported that more than half of US employees want to quit their job in 2023, but the old truths seem more important than ever: those staff that feel valued, challenged and looked after will stick around, and those looking for a new role will seek employers that align with their values and priorities.

With that in mind, and the knowledge that video is a potent, effective way to tell stories about your staff, your employer brand and your values, we’ve explored four ways to incorporate video into your human resources strategy.

Staff as leaders

If you’re going to have someone represent the business or to explain complicated products, brand values or industry news, it makes sense to utilise those real people who know your brand the best: the staff who work in it every day. It’s good content, but it’s also good for the business. Collaborating with your staff for video content helps spotlight their knowledge, build their industry presence and contribute to staff feeling like they’re a valuable, recognised part of the business.

In this People Stories video, Kyndryl shine a spotlight on the work and personalities of leaders within the business.

Emirates NBD commissioned this series of videos to highlight their interesting and dynamic employees in India.

The series of virtual open days were part of the Meet Your Academic campaign for Torrens University Australia, connecting potential students with real academics.

Internal communications

Good communication within a business is crucial to having a successful, collaborative team. Whether you’re announcing news, onboarding new staff or training your team, high quality video content is a powerful tool to communicate in a branded, authentic and effective way that is consistent and thoughtfully crafted.

For a recent event BUPA crafted this animated company story highlighting the key moments in 2022, designed to be shared internally and externally.

As Official Sponsor for the 2020 Australian Open tournament, Chubb wanted to create a highlights reel of their distinguished clients interacting at the Suite, bringing the event to life for partners, staff and clients.

BUPA also crafted the video on how to have a healthy home office, giving their team members valuable, thoughtful assistance that highlights their commitment to employer wellbeing.

Brand values

Being a brand with real and genuine values has never been more important. Customers are more likely to shop with brands that have a commitment to social and environmental causes, and staff are more likely to work for them. As brands look to video to tell public stories exploring their positive impacts, it makes sense to look to the staff that bring those stories to life in relatable, engaging ways. It engages your team with your driving brand values, helps to build pride in the business, and presents the workplace to the public (and potential future team members) as a positive, authentic company.

This video for the Starlight Foundation tells heartwarming stories of their positive work, talking to the values and impact of the business.

This video for Wise captures the highlights of the three-day event ‘Wise Women Code’, capturing their real efforts to engage with social issues.

LANE EIGHT created this animation focusing on their sustainable workout shoes, exploring the values behind the product.

Recruitment videos

As well as retaining your staff and building a positive, collaborative workforce, attracting new talent has never been more important, or more competitive. High quality and custom-built video content designed to tell your business story is a compelling tool to attract the right talent, for the right roles, at the right times.

Adaptavist created this series of recruitment videos for a Women in Tech campaign to increase traffic to their careers site.

Crown Worldwide Group created this humorous story on the fun in relocating with kids, highlighting their international opportunities and the ways they support families within them.

Professional services firm Advisian crafted this video to attract higher end employees for specific roles.