Create video content globally, at scale, with our complete video creation solution, underpinned by the platform where you access our talented Creator Partners in over 110 countries; brief, plan, shoot, and edit videos; order Content Solutions off-the-shelf; and work with our Concierges to bring your vision to life.

How it works

Global video creation at scale

Create video anywhere in the world, using our intuitive platform. We offer two quick and easy ways to create your video content.

Global video creation at scale


Introducing the enterprise-grade 90 Seconds platform that enables a seamless video creation experience every time, anywhere.



Productize your video creation services and content solutions specific to your needs, enabling anyone in your company anywhere in the world to easily order their next video.

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Easily order Services, Content Solutions, or solutions you’ve Productized with 90 Seconds through our simple interface. Repeat services quickly, or work through a complex order effortlessly.

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Our Matching algorithm has been enhanced and tuned to automatically invite the most suitable Creator Partners to each gig. This streamlines our Concierge’s process and ensures a perfect fit for every gig.

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Track all your video projects in one place. Delivery provides you with an overview of all of your team’s productions in progress based on what’s happening now and coming up next.

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Review your videos simply. Cut production time, reduce feedback overload, and improve video results with Content, our review and feedback tool.

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Manage your brand, budgets and team all in one place. Setup your enterprise structure, with different sub-brands for each region or division.

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90 Seconds offers three main services, that ultimately enable you to create authentic, on-brand video content worldwide.



90 Plan ensures a capable Creator Plan team managing your diverse video content planning needs. Learn more


90 Shoots are pro, high-quality video shoots run anywhere in the world powered by skilled creators. Learn more


With 90 Edit, work with talented Creator Partners with expert skills who can meet your deadlines. Learn more

Content Solutions

Our hand-crafted solutions to help deliver the highest quality video content based on your needs.

Discover Creator Partners

Our 14,000+ Creator Partners across 110+ countries are a deeply diverse base of creative and technical video content creation talent, all technically activated and managed by us, and available in platform.

Creator partners


Powered by the 90 Seconds team of experienced producers, Concierge provides complete end-to-end management and support across every shoot and video project.

Order support Order support Concierge helps you shape the perfect orders, with a content creation plan and price options, ready to be delivered.
Curated match Curated match Concierge processes and chats with applicants, and curates the best fit Creators, and Creator teams.
Run My Creation Run My Creation Concierge oversees that the delivery stays on schedule and on budget, processes changes, and manages the Creator team.


Covering Asia to the Americas, Europe to the Middle East and across Oceania, discover the 110+ countries where we can shoot your next video.

Trusted by the world’s biggest brands

We have empowered over 4,500 Brands to create 47,000 videos (and counting!) across 1,500 cities.

High Growth Ventures
“90 Seconds is expectional. Our end product was perfect, the turnaround time was prompt, and the delivery was seamless.”
PayPal Credit
“90 Seconds are always a pleasure to work with. They take direction well and turn things around quickly, to a high standard.”
Store Safari – San Sebastian
“Super delivery from videographer and great support from 90 Seconds team as always.”
Celebration of a region
“First time we managed to have a video done so fast and with such quality! Fantastic team delivering with speed and agility.”
IHG Hotels & Resorts
Pursue your passion
“We loved working with 90 Seconds. We booked several other jobs through the platform after our first project because the process is so easy and the staff were fantastic. ”
Torrens University Australia
ONE Championship
“Thanks for the successful completion of another project - always a pleasure to work with the 90 Seconds team.”
AWS in South Africa
“90 Seconds were a pleasure to work with and produced a high-quality video for us in the speed of light!”
Unlimited Tomorrow
“Working with 90 Seconds to produce video is a dream - smooth, simple, creative and very effective!”
Master of Seasonings
“We are very happy with the constantly high quality service delivered by 90 Seconds and look forward to working with you again on future projects.”
ESG Case Study Interview
“Smooth and straightforward process. Enjoyed the speed in securing a Creator and pulling all of the details together. Also loving this portal, amazing to have all of the necessary details in one place!”
Dp & Vue de Monde
“Creator was great to work with and did excellent work. Very flexible and quick to respond and went above and beyond in terms of changes based on feedback.”
Moët Hennessy
Video production in your pocket. Literally.

Revolutionize your project management with our state-of-the-art mobile app - Track, Communicate, and Boost Productivity on the go!

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Have any questions?

  • How do I raise an issue on my project?
    Whether you want to talk to your 90 Seconds Production Service Manager directly, ask for an update, or change the time of your delivery, we’ve got you covered. Don’t rush to Intercom for support immediately - all communication will be made via the activity feed in your project page. Here you can directly raise issues, provide comments and request changes with the Production Service Manager and Creators.
  • What if I want a video project that is more customised?
    If our pre-packaged video products aren’t the right fit, you can create a custom project. A Producer will be in touch to find out more about your requirements and how we can tailor our services to suit.
  • Which countries do 90 Seconds currently offer services in?
    With a team of Creators spanning 900 cities and 160 countries, we can help with video creation in the most remote corners of the world. Check out our video production locations.
  • What if I require only video shooting or only video editing?
    No problem. We offer video shooting and video editing as separate services. Check out our full range of production solutions.
  • How do I find my videos and footage for download?
    Now that you have your completed video; you can download it onto your desktop or mobile hard drive. You can find all the completed videos affiliated to your Brand by navigating to your Brand page from your Profile. Locate the video, under ‘Completed Video Projects’.

Have more questions? Visit our Support page.

  • How do I get paid?
    Please refer to the Creators Terms & Conditions for Payment Terms. All Creators will be paid with Hyperwallet. 90 Seconds does not require invoices to be submitted for any projects. Invoicing is all done through the Platform upon contract acceptance. You are of course welcome to create your own invoices for your records, but we do not require copies.
  • How much work is in my area?
    While some markets maintain a large volume of projects, other less known areas are growing steadily and beginning to see an increasing amount of work. The amount of work in a given area depends entirely on our customers: how often they’re purchasing video and where they need crew for their projects. The good news: 90 Seconds is growing, we have a large sales team and can support clients in all countries via our cloud platform.
  • How do I get jobs?
    Normally, contract invitations are sent out by a Producer to a small number of Creators that match the skills and experience required in the Client’s brief. These are allocated on a First-Come-First-Served basis, and are listed under “Available Contracts” on your profile if you’ve been directly invited. On our Marketplace, under “Browse Gigs” you are also able to find job opportunities that have been published to the entire Creator community.
  • What sets great Creators apart on 90 Seconds?
    90 Seconds is a global community of video professionals, comprising every role and skill level in the industry. Whether you are a camera operator or animator, a drone operator or a director, you can be a successful creator on the 90 Seconds regardless of your location. More than anything else, the three characteristics that determine your visibility, your client ratings and, ultimately, your success as a 90 Seconds Creator are a great profile; a forward thinking nindset; and being a proactive communicator.
  • How do I raise an issue?
    Whether you want to talk to your 90 Seconds Production Service Manager directly, ask for an update, or change the time of your delivery, we’ve got you covered. Don’t rush to Intercom for support immediately - all communication will be made via the activity feed in your project page. Here you can directly raise issues, provide comments and request changes with the Production Service Manager and Brand Client.

Have more questions? Visit our Support page.