The power of Animation in your marketing strategy

Table of content
  1. Introduction
  2. What are Animation videos
  3. Using Animation as a strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic 
  4. 1. Explainers
  5. 2. Product Demo
  6. 3. Teasers
  7. 4. Advertisements
  8. Creating an Animation video
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90 Seconds
2 years ago・10 min read

In a COVID-19 world, Animation videos are becoming the bedrock of marketers’ shifting digital strategy. But really, what’s all this fuss about?

For one, did you know that Animation is currently the 5th most popular video choice type among our brand clients? It accounts for almost 10% of the total videos produced by 90 Seconds this 2020 so far.

What are Animation videos

While it is true that content is king, the story you convey is only as good as its execution. If delivered poorly, for instance, viewers will lose interest easily and be less willing to take action.

While many video types can be considered for your strategy needs, animation has inched its way upwards in today’s trending mediums. From TV advertisements to product demo videos, animation is proving to be a popular and effective choice.

A good animation video can help boost your marketing and advertising strategy in several ways. Firstly, did you know that we process visuals 60,000 times faster compared to just text? And that we transmit 90% of information visually to our brains? I bet you are wishing that you could watch all this information via animation right now. In this case, animation can help simplify complex ideas or products into bite-sized content versions. This, in turn, encourages action amongst viewers. 

Another reason as to why animation stands out lies in its intrinsic nature. Animation videos are entertaining, fun, and naturally appealing to a broader audience. They are great at capturing attention and help connect with your viewers in a unique and imaginative way. This makes it almost impossible for your targeted audience to forget you and your intended message. 

Using Animation as a strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic 

As the pandemic rages on, firms should pivot their marketing strategies to what’s most optimal now; and animation videos edge out as the top choice.

For one, live video shooting remains either restricted or prohibited in certain countries. However, animated video production can be completed online and is also relatively more affordable. This occurs as firms now get to save on overhead costs such as rental fees for on-site shooting. In this case, animation is growing to be a cost-effective alternative.

Are you ready to start harnessing the power of animation in your business strategy?  Here are some of 90 Seconds’ top-produced video types that feature the use of animation which you can consider.

1. Explainers

It is pretty self-explanatory but Explainer videos are short clips that briefly explain your featured product or service to customers. Do not overlook the importance of these videos – after all, customers are 64% more likely to purchase your product after watching an explainer video.

In explainers, the first thing to accomplish would be to capture the audience’s attention within this short span of time. Naturally, the types of visual and audio used are of great importance. To further boost relatability and personality, animation elements are often added in explainer videos.

KPMG – Australia
For KPMG Australia, we helped produce an Animated Explainer video that introduced the brand’s regional supply chain solutions. By introducing how KPMG can help solve potential supply chain complications, this explainer has directly addressed its local audience’s business needs. With this, KPMG managed to highlight offered service features to Australia’s Agribusiness industry specifically, in an engaging way that ensured top-of-mind awareness.

Infographics are perhaps one of the most popular presentation styles to include in an Explainer video. This is especially so as they translate complex numbers and data analyses into a visually appealing manner. Infographic explainers typically include charts and graphs to help facilitate understanding amongst viewers. 

Schroders – Singapore
We have assisted Schroders with their video production needs since 2017. This year, 90 Seconds helped produce a monthly series of animated Infographic videos. To complement Schroders’ presence in multi-lingual regions, each video was subtitled in multiple languages. The explainer did not feature a sold service but educated viewers on the current global economic climate instead. This thus boosted Schroders’ brand credibility and awareness. Plus, the videos did not rely on a spoken script. As such, a greater emphasis was placed on the animated text, graphics, and audio used to facilitate better understanding.

2. Product Demo

Another video type that has inched its way to popularity would be Product Demo videos. A Product Demo video illustrates your product’s workings in a way that is easy for the audience to understand and follow. A good Product Demo video convinces your customers of the product’s value and how your brand stands out from your competitors. 

Tip: Weave animation elements into real-live footage to drive message retention

Not all animated videos have to be fully animated. Sometimes, having animation elements in your otherwise real-life video footage packs a punch as well. This video style is uniquely memorable and thus often ensures top-of-mind brand awareness.

HP – Global
For HP, we produced a series of Animated Product Demo videos that advertised products manufactured by HP’s 3D printing technologies. These Product Demo videos featured product simulation by weaving 2D Animation elements into real-life video footage. By showing the best of both worlds, HP easily showcased key product features in realistic settings and successfully convinced viewers of why they should choose HP over other industry competitors.

3. Teasers

Often overlooked and underestimated, teaser videos are actually a great supplement to your upcoming virtual events. This is especially crucial in a time whereby the projected $800 billion Events industry is going virtual, as accelerated by the pandemic. Examples of such virtual events would be Webinars and Livestreams.

For more insights on how you can adapt your content strategy in today’s trying times, check out our blog here.

Plus, videos are actually shared 1200% more times than text and image content combined on social media. In this case, promoting your virtual event via teasers will surely help boost attendance. Plus, you can make use of past footage to highlight the success of your past events, thus encouraging present sign-up rates. 

Roche – APAC
For their upcoming Webinar, Roche rolled out a promotional Animated Teaser that introduced a discussion topic. By highlighting familiar pain points using relatable animated personas, the teaser effectively highlighted the webinar’s educational intent. The teaser also helped promote sign-ups with its direct call-to-action when it linked viewers to the webinar page.

Kerry – APAC
Here, we produced a series of Animated Teaser videos for Kerry and their upcoming webinars. These short clips combined the use of real-life video footage and animated text which helped in gaining the attention of potential viewers. In doing so, Kerry managed to engage its audience with its webinar topic before the virtual event took place.

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4. Advertisements

The effectiveness of videos as a marketing tool is one that has been increasingly raved about. After all, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service through video. This emphasises the power videos yield in your marketing strategy when introducing your product to potential customers.

Widely used to persuade customers to purchase a product, advertisements are one of the most common features of marketing. In today’s digital world, it is even more crucial for your advertisements to stand out so as to ensure both brand and message retention.   

Standard Chartered – Singapore
Here, we developed an Animated Advertisement for Standard Chartered that promoted the bank’s Online Banking Tool. Using inspiration from a past video 90 Seconds developed with Standard Chartered, this new video built on the same customer persona that was used previously. Images and graphics in both videos were of the same elements as well.

This resulted in a seamless series of advertisements produced with a similar tone and message for various local services. By depicting the firm’s target audience in a relatable and progressive buyer persona to the local audience, Standard Chartered was able to successfully illustrate the benefits of employing their services through one’s different life stages. 

Primark – US
Another platform where you can showcase your animated graphics for advertising purposes would be your ever-popular social media channels. Primark did exactly this by featuring animated graphics and gifs on Instagram. From 4th of July animated gifs to pandemic-related animated content, the retail brand produced localised social media content for its United States brand region. Here, this animated brain teaser video served as a reminder for residents to stay 6 feet apart amidst the current pandemic, illustrating the retailer’s effort to be socially responsible in these unprecedented times. 

Creating an Animation video

With the right strategy and talent, you too can create a stunning animation video perfect for your strategy needs in no time.

Firstly, and perhaps most importantly, you should have a clear direction as to what you wish to achieve with your video. Is it a channel for your new product launch? Or will it promote customer education via an upcoming webinar

The possibilities are endless so it is best to have a clear video message and Call-to-Action for your audience. Once you have both, it will be easier for you to source for either inspiration videos or brainstorm on the animation styles you wish to incorporate.

Next, it’s time to onboard the talented individuals that will help create your stunning animation video. Here are some crew members your team should have: 

1. Storyboard Artist

The cornerstone of every good animation video would be a compelling Storyboard – which is essentially a visual representation of your script, scene by scene.

To create a good storyboard that illustrates your video’s narrative flow, your storyboarder should ideally have an artistic eye to better capture your thoughts into animated scenes. Having good communication skills is another trait to look out for. This is especially so as your storyboarder will have to work with various other crew members such as the director to ensure a coherent revision of your video. 

2. Animator

It’s an animated production – so how could we possibly leave out our Animators? Depending on your video’s animation style, you can hire specific animators according to the expertise you require. Some examples would include either a 2D Animator, a 3D Animator, or a Cartoon Animator.

Using the best of both creativity and technology, an animator utilizes different techniques and tools to create memorable characters and scenery for use. Besides a flair for creativity, a skilled animator should have a sharp eye for detail such as to spot discrepancies between the present scene and the next. 

3. Animation Director

Last but certainly not least, your crew should include an Animation Director, who is responsible for conveying the video’s intended message effectively. They will also have the final say on the video’s final edit to ensure that the message tone is as intended. 

Naturally, a director is expected to have experience in the animation industry to facilitate and delegate work responsibilities amongst the crew members. The ability to work well in a team is also crucial here. This is especially so as the director would have to collaborate with all individuals involved to ensure an overall seamless production flow.

For more information on how to hire or how to become certain production professionals, check out our page right here.

And here it is – an all-handy guide on the trending video types you can incorporate with animation to help your strategy needs, as well as the different crew members your stellar creation team should have.