Taking the complexity out of video making

Table of content
  1. Introduction
  2. What is cloud video creation?
  3. The benefits of creating video in the cloud
  4. Video killed the radio star: a quick history of video
  5. The challenges brands face when creating video content
  6. So, where does that leave brands seeking a video creation solution?
  7. A bit about 90 Seconds and how they work with brands to create video content anywhere in the world
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90 Seconds
2 years ago・9 min read

With cloud-based services prevalent globally, producing video content in the cloud removes the physical barriers that traditional production companies face.

Whether you’re a tech geek or a straightforward end-user, you will have encountered the cloud in various shapes and forms by now. Simply put, the cloud refers to software and services that run on the internet, rather than locally on your computer. Think Google Drive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox and Netflix. It’s a major player in the tech world, influencing every element of this vast industry: photography, document storage, video, music and data analysis, for a start. The cloud’s seamless data handling and processing have led many media businesses to reconsider their systems, particularly when it comes to their video production efforts. Let’s take a closer look at how the cloud is influencing the growth of video creation and uptake by global brands.

What is cloud video creation?

Creating video content in the cloud means the entire process – from editing, file manipulation and storage – benefits from the processing capacity of the “cloud-verse.”

The cloud enables an end-to-end workflow that is faster and more efficient, and empowers individuals to collaborate on the same creative project from different locations around the world. Sharing a brief, making suggestions and signing off on video projects can all be done in real-time, by multiple users in different locations, using the end-to-end workflow powered by the cloud.

This means ditching the usual way of sharing files and comments over endless email threads and creating a more optimised workflow from beginning to end.

The benefits of creating video in the cloud

As experts in the field of video creation, 90 Seconds offers users a simple, end-to-end workflow that takes advantage of all the benefits the cloud has to offer. Here’s how it works.

Shoot video anywhere in the world – without leaving the comfort of your home

90 Seconds works with a fully-vetted network of thousands of video professionals located in over 160 countries. This means that wherever in the world you need your video shot, 90 Seconds has a team of experts on the ground there ready to go. The team speaks the local language, understands the customs and quirks of the location and, of course, knows all the best locations to shoot in.

Best of all, you get to manage the entire process without travelling anywhere. Using 90 Seconds’ simple online platform – all based in the cloud, of course – you can oversee what’s happening, provide instructions and get updates in real time.

Work with the best in the business

90 Seconds rigorously vetts every video creative before they join to ensure the quality of their work, meaning that you will only work with creators that are at the top of their game. Further, 90 Seconds will match your project to the team best qualified to deliver the nuances of your particular brief.

If you need extra guidance or a helping hand along the way, 90 Seconds has a team dedicated to keeping tabs on your workflow and the final product being delivered. They are available for a chat at any time throughout the process.

Scale up quickly and get the job done fast

Be it a large or small-scale project, 90 Seconds has a network of professionals on standby to take on your brief. Using their end-to-end platform, you can manage your project – or multiple projects – seamlessly and all in one place. No need to beg for updates! The video creation team on the ground will communicate with you via the platform every step of the way.

Enjoy the benefits of efficiency and transparency

Experience a seamless workflow and manage your projects using one centralised platform for all communication, file storage and sharing, and output production. Easily track progress and performance, manage campaigns and enjoy the many efficiencies created by using the 90 Seconds platform.

Video killed the radio star: a quick history of video

Let’s take a step back, and look at where it all began.

With the advent of television commercials back in the 1940s, the concept of video marketing was born and has since then become one of the most important tools for brands seeking greater awareness and connection with their target market.

When it comes to creating an emotional connection, nothing beats video. Businesses capitalise on the extraordinary power of video to tell their brand stories in a compelling way, and secure customer engagement and loyalty. Increasingly, people have opted for video media over print. And brands have followed suit.

As media traversed from the age of television to the digital era, a different style of video has emerged. People expect clever storytelling and more visually engaging effects, and are often short on time and attention, meaning every second of a brand video has to count.

People have also become hyper-selective, with endless content at their fingertips. Their expectations regarding the quality and relevance of the video content they consume have never been higher, and brands have to diversify and keep up. The booming appetite for bigger, bolder, and more tech-savvy productions means brands must also continually produce and deliver video content to keep their audience engaged.

The challenges brands face when creating video content

The call for brands to deliver a steady stream of video content is far from straightforward. Video production takes time, creativity, manpower and money, and often requires travel to oversee shoots. Here are some of the key challenges faced by brands when it comes to creating a continuous feed of video content.


Even a 30-second video requires manpower and a solid budget. Some might argue that the shorter the clip, the more creativity required. To create time and cost-efficiency, brands typically outsource their video production requirements to external creator teams based at the destination in which they intend to shoot, rather than hire in-house teams that then need to travel.

Tight timelines

To keep up with the whirlwind-pace of life today and the nature of the always-on media cycle, video production timelines are tighter than ever. It’s a constant challenge for marketing teams to deliver quality content at the rate it is required.

Sourcing creators

Finding the right creative team to deliver your brand vision can be challenging, especially if you are seeking talent from other countries where time differences and language barriers also come into play.

Traveling for shoots

Traveling with your production team to multiple locations comes at a cost, not only financially, but also in terms of time, energy and efficiency. Add a global pandemic to the mix, and, for many, travel is simply not a viable option for now.

So, where does that leave brands seeking a video creation solution?

It sounds like an almost insurmountable challenge, right? This is where 90 Seconds comes to the fore, taking the complexity out of video production.

Powered by the cloud, 90 Seconds connects you with the right creative partners so you can shoot quality video anywhere in the world, and ensure your video production runs seamlessly from start to finish. Here’s how it works.

Shoot anywhere in the world – no travel required

90 Seconds partners with a network of over 13,800+ video professionals located in 900+ cities worldwide. This means they can connect you to the right team to deliver your brief anywhere in the world – fast. No need to travel. Capture the unique footage you need to make your brand really stand out, and oversee the entire production process online, from the comfort of your home. Whether it’s a commercial, case study, an interview or video content for social, 90 Seconds has the right team to meet your brief anywhere in the world.

Edit anytime with a built-in suite of tools

Upload your brand guidelines, media assets and marketing materials to the 90 Seconds platform, so the entire production team can access all the information they need to start editing, in one central location. The platform has built-in editing tools and a super fast network speed, so you can dig into the editing process anytime, anywhere.

The 90 Seconds online platform makes life easier

The 90 Seconds platform empowers brands to communicate with the entire production team in one place, to manage tasks and deadlines, make approvals and give feedback, and ultimately deliver exceptional videos with more speed and efficiency than they ever thought possible. All communications on the platform happen in real time, so brand managers can oversee the production virtually without missing a beat.

A bit about 90 Seconds and how they work with brands to create video content anywhere in the world

Founded in 2010, 90 Seconds has grown exponentially and is proud to partner with over 13,800+ video professionals located in 900+ cities spanning 160 countries. The team has created over 40,000 videos in far-flung locations, and works with some of the world’s biggest brands, including Amazon, HSBC, PayPal, IBM and EY.

Shoot and Edit

90 Seconds empowers brands to take control of the video production process from beginning to end. From capturing raw footage through to editing, quality control and distribution, users can oversee and manage the entire project from within the 90 Seconds platform.

The 90 Seconds editing studio has all the tools required to masterfully create a vast range of video content, from online ads to animations and commercials. With a wide selection of packages available to suit video projects of all shapes and sizes, 90 Seconds will also happily create a custom project for you.

Plan and Manage

90 Seconds also offers the expertise of its content creators, who can help brands conceptualise and plan their ultimate video production. It’s not simply about delivering a beautiful video end product. 90 Seconds ensures the video matches the needs of the business in question and delivers on their brand goals.

When a project is underway, multiple tasks and projects can be managed easily across multiple production teams using the platform’s project manager and communication features.

Once finalised, videos can be distributed via a brand’s social channels with tracking and analytics provided all within the 90 Seconds platform. Every step of the process happens in one place.

Start creating

In today’s always-on culture, people expect a continuous supply of engaging video content. However, it can be a challenge for brands to keep up. Smaller businesses may feel that video creation is beyond their means, and don’t know where to start. Large global companies can be challenged by the demand to create multiple videos across many different locations that reflect the nuances of local cultures and languages.

90 Seconds takes all of the complexity out of video creation. The team can conceptualise and deliver powerful video content anytime, anywhere in the world. Through its network of video professionals and it’s simple, end-to-end platform, 90 Seconds delivers video content that brings your brand vision to life quickly and efficiently – without compromising on quality.

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