What is a Storyboarder?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
What is a Storyboarder?

One of the most important elements of film production involves making sure that the story makes sense from an overall angle.

Much of the focus in the movie industry today is on the impressive advances made in the technological aspects of film production.

The beautiful music, overwhelming sounds, and immersive visual effects are undoubtedly impressive; however, one of the most important elements in producing a successful film is still the quality of the story.

Therefore, every movie director and producer needs to have people who can take a look at the story and make sure that the different elements of the plot flow together smoothly scene by scene.

The storyboard helps to take a look at the different parts of the story. Then, each part of the story needs to have a proper medium.

Finally, it is important to make sure that no part of the story gets lost or buried among the other elements in the movie. Making sure that this happens flawlessly is the role of the storyboarder.

Primary roles

The storyboarder is going to have a variety of roles but all of them will involve making sure the story flows smoothly.


A storyboard artist has a major role in the production of animated movies. They will be responsible for drawing up the different scenes, including character placement, the dialogue, and the background.

The panels are going to be drawn specifically to demonstrate how the different scenes are going to flow together and how to transition smoothly from one scene to the next.

Because of this important role, they are going to work closely with the director and gain valuable experience regarding how a movie flows smoothly.

Character performance and camera placement

Once the storyboard leaves the prep stage, the storyboarder is still going to be heavily involved.

They will be watching the character performance to make sure that the intended feel and flow of the scene translates well from the drawing board to the actual movie.

Furthermore, they will also be responsible for ensuring that the camera moves in appropriate ways at appropriate times.

This is important because the movements of the camera are going to direct the attention of the viewer to different parts of the scene at different times.

Secondary roles

Assistants will be asked to fill in for other positions if necessary.

Script revision

The storyboarder is going to have to make sure that their story fits with the script. In this regard, the storyboard artist is going to have an important role with script revision.

This is to help make sure that everyone is on the same page and that the storyboard fits with the new script.


The storyboarder may be asked to assist with animation of characters. It is important that the storyboard artist communicates closely with the animators to make sure that the characters are moving appropriately with the story and the script.

Many storyboard artists have experience as animators and the experience they learn in this role will serve them well as a storyboard artist.