How to hire a freelance Live Stream Producer?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to hire a freelance Live Stream Producer?

90 Seconds is currently actively hiring Live Stream Producers and here are some of our expectations and what we look out for when hiring. 

Hiring a freelance live stream producer first starts with your definition of a producer. Producers play different roles depending on the project and expectations of the final product.

They can take on the roles of either a camera operator, an editor, or even a lighting assistant. This is because live stream producers are expected to know and understand the entire live streaming or broadcast production process. 

The term “producer” is used so loosely in the industry, it’s important to clearly define the skills you are looking for upfront before speaking with any candidates.

What to look for

Check through past works

You shouldn’t hire any producer without at least having a good, objective look at the prospective candidate’s past work creations and example reels.

Work product speaks volumes about the skill, knowledge, and capabilities of the candidate. It also helps a hiring party see past the fluff and sales talk that occur during an interview.

If someone does not make the cut, it’s going to be evident in their work sample or lack of it. However, do not rely on work samples from the candidate alone. Look for a work product that has already been produced and is made available to view independently.

That piece of work frequently is the most candid and best example of a candidate’s skill set.

Get qualified referrals

The use of referrals can be tricky since candidates will be sure to have someone lined up to speak favourably for them.

However, what a hiring party should be looking for is a referral who is already well-known in the industry or is established on his/ her own merits. That individual’s opinion, even when favourable, is going to have a lot more weight. Successful folks have a reputation to maintain, and they don’t want to be seen in the industry as being referrals of poor quality candidates.

Hence, they too will be particular as to whom they give a referral for.

Get personal

Do not make your hiring decision based on a 20-minute interview. Get personal with the candidate and spend some time with the person. The goal is to get a gauge on what the candidate excels at and his/ her interpersonal skills as well.

That’s going to become apparent in strong candidates who can keep a quality conversation going. They can talk about their work, their education, their goals, and most importantly, lessons learned from past pitfalls.

You don’t want a prima donna; you want a live stream producer who is a worker and will get the job done by the deadline and is creative enough to tackle unforeseen problems on the fly.

Questions to ask a potential candidate

Do you understand the job description we provided and could you explain it to me?

What differentiates you from other live stream producers applying for this project?

What is your background in live web broadcasting or live streaming?

What would you consider are your weaknesses and how do you address them?