Transcending Borders with Stories


Amazon, a global leader in e-commerce and technological innovation, believes in the powerful narrative of visual content. Since 2017, their partnership with 90 Seconds has reshaped the way they share their vision, values, and ventures with the world.

Countries 33
Cities 59
Videos Created 565
Number of Creators 166
Brand’s brief

Amazon's vast reach, both in terms of services and geography, requires diverse content that speaks to different audiences while maintaining the brand's global ethos. Their aim was to chronicle the myriad facets of their journey, from customer success stories to partner marketing initiatives, with video content that resonates.

Brand’s objective

Amazon sought to produce a plethora of content - Case Studies that dissect success, Customer Stories that connect, events that showcase milestones, Partner Marketing collaborations, nuanced Internal and External Communications, and rich Graphics and Animation, all wrapped up in engaging Interviews.

The challenge

Amazon's vast footprint across continents meant engaging audiences from 32 countries and 57 cities. This necessitated understanding varied cultural contexts, while ensuring Amazon's universal brand message remains undiluted.

90 Seconds Solution

Harnessing the power of their global network and expertise:
- 90 Seconds produced an impressive cache of over 540 videos that delve into the multifaceted world of Amazon.
- These narratives spanned a vast geographical canvas, from the bustling markets of India and Thailand to the tech hubs of the United States and Germany, and from the rich heritage of the United Kingdom and France to the vibrant dynamism of Singapore and Malaysia.
- Each piece, be it Graphic, Animation, or Interview, was tailored to cater to specific audience insights while echoing Amazon's overarching narrative.

Videos created for Amazon
90 Seconds were a pleasure to work with and produced a high-quality video for us at the speed of light!

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