Illuminating Hope through Captivating Stories

Starlight Children’s Foundation and 90 Seconds showcased the power of collaborative storytelling. Together, they crafted compelling narratives that not only celebrated the Foundation’s cause but also inspired countless individuals to join their journey.

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Cities 14
Videos Created 127
Number of Creators 40
Brand’s brief

Starlight Children's Foundation has been a beacon of hope for countless children across Australia. Renowned for its commendable work, the foundation aspired to tell its impactful stories in a way that they deserved: with emotion, authenticity, and inspiration.

Brand’s objective

While the tales of resilience and hope were many, capturing their essence and converting them into potent narratives was the challenge. The aim was not just to tell stories but to resonate deeply, touching hearts and invoking actions.

The challenge

Despite having numerous heartwarming stories to share, the foundation grappled with how to bring out the raw emotions and the true spirit of each tale. It wasn't just about narrating; it was about connecting on a profound level.

90 Seconds Solution

To bridge this gap, 90 Seconds collaborated closely with Starlight's dedicated team. Their combined passion resulted in the creation of a captivating brand video that encapsulated the foundation's essence. This partnership flourished, leading to the production of approximately 130 videos that covered the length and breadth of Australia. These videos delved into various content forms, including touching individual narratives, interviews, and memorable event showcases.

Videos created for Starlight Children's Foundation
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