Harnessing the Power of Global Video Creation


Dive into the story of Typsy, a leading hospitality training platform, as they navigate the challenges of international content creation. Discover how their partnership with 90 Seconds revolutionised their approach, turning obstacles into opportunities and amplifying their global reach.

Countries 17
Cities 36
Videos Created 88
Number of Creators 94
Brand’s brief

Typsy is a trailblazing hospitality training platform, offering an extensive range of video courses that cater to professionals across the spectrum. From essential skills like acing job interviews to managing critical situations, Typsy empowers the hospitality industry with its diverse content.

Brand’s objective

To maintain its reputation and engagement, Typsy aimed to consistently produce top-notch videos while being cost-effective and operationally efficient. The goal was to address the soaring demand for quality content within a few months.

The challenge

Scaling video production was a significant hurdle for Typsy. Global shoots meant enormous costs, intricate logistics, and extensive coordination, jeopardising the platform's growth and user satisfaction.

90 Seconds Solution

90 Seconds emerged as a game-changer for Typsy with its Shoot Anywhere product. It revolutionised content creation by facilitating simultaneous multi-location shoots all organised via one platform. This partnership not only slashed logistical challenges but also integrated 90 Seconds Creators into Typsy's workflow, fostering efficient, high-quality video content production.

Videos created for Typsy
We know that 90 Seconds has got us covered. It really is like having your own team in every city around the world.

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