Overcoming Global Video Creation Logistical Hurdles

As Cisco ventures into filming customer stories in bustling metropolises or remote corners of the world, they encounter logistical hurdles that challenge traditional video production methods. Managing every aspect of video projects, from crew travel arrangements to on-location shoot coordination, proves to be time-consuming for the Communications team.

Countries 12
Cities 23
Videos Created 259
Number of Creators 141
Brand’s brief

Cisco, a trailblazer in networking and technology solutions, has consistently redefined the boundaries of connectivity on a global scale. Despite the complexities of cultural nuances and logistical challenges, Cisco aims to show how critical its secure connectivity services are through impactful customer story videos.

Brand’s objective

Showcase the diverse narratives of its customers and partners across various regions, from bustling cities to remote locations, in the most efficient way possible.

The challenge

Shooting videos across the globe, from Australia to Vietnam, presents logistical challenges. The communications team at Cisco based at Singapore headquarters would have to manage every video project, organize travel for the crew, run each shoot on location, and then manage the editing process. Cisco was looking for a way to minimize the need for on-site project management, while still maintaining the speed and high quality of video content creation.

90 Seconds Solution

With 90 Seconds' extensive network of Creator Partners spanning the globe, Cisco was able to use the platform to orchestrate shoots in diverse locations, from Bangalore, India to Seoul, South Korea, Tokyo, Japan to Wellington, New Zealand. 90 Seconds seamlessly facilitates coordination for their video creation projects. This partnership empowers Cisco to produce a wide range of captivating videos, spotlighting everything from multinational companies to SMBs, and sharing their narratives on a global scale.

People at 90 Seconds align very well to the culture that we have at Cisco in which there is the impetus of getting things done but there's also a personality blend.

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