Transforming Education with Seamless Video Collaboration: Anywhere, Anytime


Torrens University Australia has campuses in four different cities. They needed to produce videos across various locations, showcasing their commitment to excellence in education. Seamless talent and technology integration enables efficient collaboration, ensuring consistent quality and saving valuable time. Torrens University revolutionizes educational content delivery, reinforcing their dedication to excellence and innovation.

Countries 2
Cities 15
Videos Created 908
Number of Creators 38
Brand’s brief

Torrens University Australia, known for its innovative educational approach, has consistently sought to expand its reach and showcase its comprehensive range of services. As a leading institution in Australia, Torrens University recognized the importance of creating a video that could effectively convey its nationwide presence and diverse academic offerings. Yet, the challenge remained: How does one encapsulate the essence of a university with campuses across multiple cities and a wide array of programs in just a short video?

Brand’s objective

Create compelling videos from any location in Australia, along with the capability to oversee shoots remotely. They need consistent, high-quality video production across the country, all while keeping a firm grip on the budget.

The challenge

With the need to capture over 800 videos spanning 15 cities, they faced significant logistical challenges. Managing crew logistics, coordinating shoots across diverse locations, and ensuring consistent quality posed considerable hurdles for their communications team.

90 Seconds Solution

Torrens University Australia's collaboration with 90 Seconds has showcased the platform's extensive capabilities. With efficient talent matching and seamless communication within the platform, 90 Seconds simplifies workflows and ensures consistent quality. 90 Seconds proactive approach to feedback implementation enhances productivity for Torrens University Australia's communications team.

The impact 90 Seconds has on my role definitely saves me so much time in my everyday job. It's something I can sit and forget, and I know the quality is going to be great.

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