Why were my Service Quality Levels declined?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: September 12, 2023

The 90 Seconds team reviews every Creator application to verify that Service Quality Levels are consistent across the Creator Community.

How are Service Quality Level determined

Service Quality Levels are evaluated with three different criteria: 

  1. Tools to complete the job 
  2. Involvement with the brand 
  3. Complexity of the assignment

Your application must include direct links to relevant work for each Skill that you are applying for. Because many Skills require background information, we recommend that your About Me section include a summary of your expertise, clarification of your role, and any additional context to help our reviewers assess your expertise. The basic rule is this:

Creators are approved for all applied Service Quality Levels that their work supports 

If there is a discrepancy between the Service Quality Level that you have applied and the level of service demonstrated in your work example, the rate will be declined. For instance, if you select 90Lite and 90x, it means you are willing to accept jobs at either rate and can deliver service at both those levels.  

As an example, lets look at the four Service Quality Levels as they relate to the Video Operator skill. 


  • Tools: You can deliver with a DSLR. Your Run-and-Gun game is strong.
  • Involvement: You are willing to accept very simple video assignments. You can follow directions, no brand consultation is necessary.
  • Complexity: Basic, technical proficiency is evident in a minimum of two work examples. 


  • Tools: Comprehensive DSLR and audio kit, lights and more.
  • Involvement: You have multiple work examples for different types of clients and verticals. You add value to client briefs and are always looking for creative solutions. Minimal brand consultation is necessary.
  • Complexity: You function as a one man band, and have incorporated a creative and visual style across 4 or more work examples. 


  • Tools: You primarily work with Cinema kits and a variety of support equipment.
  • Involvement: You can handle complicated video assignments and have experience leading a team (including non production-savvy clients) to an inspiring final product.
  • Complexity: You can deliver visual mastery for brands alongside a professional crew. 


  • Tools: You have worked with most cameras, and own more than necessary.
  • Involvement: You have added value to briefs from an impressive list of recognisable clients, created value on top of the original concept. You have functioned as a strategic consultant, driving ideation and leadership for big name brands.  
  • Complexity: Your work regularly appears on television, viral channels online and stands apart from the rest.

Please note that 90 Seconds does not activate Creators for the Elite Service Quality Level before their first job on each skill. Once you have completed a job at the Premium level and received a 5 star rating, you can re-apply for Elite. To do this, simply get in touch via our support team who conducted your Technical Activation Call. 

Read how to re-apply for Service Quality Level after being declined to learn more here