What is a Production Secretary?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
What is a Production Secretary?

A Production Secretary is an essential role within the realm of video production, providing crucial administrative support in the production office. Working closely with the Production Coordinator and Production Manager, the Production Secretary ensures the smooth and efficient operation of administrative tasks throughout the production process.

Primary roles

As the backbone of the production office, the Production Secretary handles a wide range of administrative duties. They are responsible for managing and organising paperwork, including contracts, permits, release forms, and other production-related documents. They maintain accurate records, update databases, and assist in the coordination of production schedules and logistics.

The Production Secretary plays a pivotal role in communication and coordination within the production team. They serve as a point of contact for phone calls, emails, and messages, relaying information promptly and efficiently to the appropriate individuals. They assist in scheduling meetings, arranging travel arrangements, and coordinating appointments for the production team.

Secondary roles

In addition, the Production Secretary may support the production team by organizing and distributing scripts, call sheets, and other production materials. They help in coordinating and tracking equipment rentals, managing office supplies, and handling financial tasks such as processing invoices and managing petty cash.