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90 Seconds has a network of over 13,000 rated and vetted professional videographers in over 900 cities.

Mobilize a creative team that’s ready right now

Mobilize a creative team that’s ready right now

  • Choose from a network of 13,000+ connected and available professional videographers that cover 70+ role categories.

  • Stop worrying about skill level or experience and avoid delays through matching or bidding. Your team is ready to begin work whenever you are.

Get to your end product, fast

Get to your end product, fast

90 Seconds platform lets your production team work alongside each other to efficiently deliver your video.

  • Workflow and notifications help tasks move quickly, with no time lost in handovers.

  • Footage flows straight to your editing team so post-production can begin immediately.

  • A live feed of task updates and project status ensures nothing is stuck waiting for approval.

Manage multiple projects at once

Manage multiple projects at once

  • Communicate with videographers in remote locations through in-app messaging and notifications.

  • See all project updates in one place so it’s easy to track progress and prioritize action items.

Eliminate excess costs

Eliminate excess costs

  • Notifications and built-in messaging alert the right team members when a task has been completed, reducing project time and management.

  • You control your own footage. Save it in your asset library and reuse it at any time without needing access or permission from various vendors.

  • View content with an in-app player to skip the pain of juggling different tools and file systems.

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