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One tool for the entire video, start to finish

One tool for the entire video, start to finish

  • Manage all tasks and project stages in a single tool that’s seamless, simple, and scalable.

  • Communicate with your entire video production team, in one place, so you can move faster.

  • Forget the pain and cost of juggling different platforms. 90 Seconds supports all footage types, editing platforms, and video formats.

Centralize your video assets in one place

Centralize your video assets in one place

  • Put your branding guidelines front and center on every project so your agencies and production team are clear about what they’re working toward.

  • Built-in publishing lets you promote videos, manage campaigns, and track performance.

  • Consolidate raw footage and completed videos in your asset library to easily produce consistent videos at a fraction of the time and expense.

Standardize your internal procurement

Standardize your internal procurement

As brands spend more on video, bringing structure to costs and processes is ever more critical.

90 Seconds lets you manage and standardize costs from all purchases across the organization, giving those commissioning videos a transparent tool and letting you bring internal cost management under control.

Simplify even the most complex projects

Simplify even the most complex projects

  • Easily manage multiple shoots, production teams, and locations in parallel.

  • See all updates in one place so it’s simple to track and manage your team’s progress.

  • An automated workflow keeps tasks and deliverables moving across roles and locations.

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