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Creative Briefing

90 Seconds provides creative briefing and development tailored for either localised, regionalised or globalised campaigns.

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Start with ideation

  • Browse our curated Content Types to help achieve your business objectives while maintaining the best quality video content delivery
  • Our platform will guide you through the ideation process as you determine the video objective, purpose, target audience, and channel

Build the brief through the  Marketplace Image 1 Build the brief through the  Marketplace Image 2

Build the brief through the Marketplace

  • Choose the style, audience, length, objectives, and other parameters
  • Build your brief by adding ideas dynamically, as your team generates them. Drop in videos, images, and links that inspire you
  • Drop your Brand asset on the platform to ensure brand consistency throughout delivery
  • Your creative team ends up with all the details they’ll need to produce the video you want

Share and scale your brief Image 1 Share and scale your brief Image 2

Share and scale your brief

  • Automatically send your brief to everyone on the project to ensure consistency and success
  • Define your Brand’s style and guidelines to keep all projects aligned
  • Set common components so you can create a new brief at a moment’s notice

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