How to adapt your video content creation strategy during COVID-19?

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4 years ago・10 min read

With the current effects of the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to evolve globally, many marketers are asking the questions: “What type of content can I still produce?”

In the past few weeks, we have slowly seen nations around the world grind to a halt. Major sporting, corporate, and entertainment events are postponed indefinitely due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19). Many businesses have been advised to reduce physical operations and work from home while hoping to function at capacity.

This presents a huge risk to brands, particularly vulnerable small scale businesses. They are losing customers due to the effects of social isolation and the disengagement of consumers.

Content creation during Coronavirus

With the current effects of the Coronavirus pandemic continuing to evolve globally, many marketers are asking the questions:

“What type of content can I still produce?”

“Which innovative production methods can I use if my traditional production studios are not accessible?”

We’d like to share insights on how we can best support you through this period using the ever innovative power of video.

As a video creation platform, we’ve made thousands of hours of video content for top global brands with our creators in over 900 cities across the world to deliver global content, and it’s all done remotely.

Here are 6 ways you can still continue to engage your audience effectively without compromising either the health or safety of you, your colleagues or your company during Coronavirus.

Live Stream: Engage with your audience in real-time

For people within the events industry, you’ve probably seen it all: Last minute cancellations, budget cuts and sudden health issues. Live streams present many opportunities when safeguarding against disruptions. You can film and broadcast announcements and content from a secure location to your audience across the globe in real-time.

Research already forecasts that live streams will be worth $70 billion globally by 2021. We’ve worked with brands such as LinkedIn, Volkswagen and Deloitte to get their message across to their audience.

Here is a great example of what we’ve done for Cisco, ensuring quality livestream coverage for their online discussion around the cybersecurity landscape.

Cisco Systems – Live Stream

Also, did you know that live stream videos are a content form that can be included in Virtual Events? As the name suggests, Virtual Events are events where attendees and organizers communicate and interact in a virtual environment.

With Virtual Events, you stay connected with your audience and clients. From Virtual Conferences, Product Launches to Town Halls, you can produce either live stream videos or pre-recorded video footage to share your message from anywhere in the world to your global audience. 

Thinking of producing a Virtual Event? Check out our highly scalable and customizable solution packages here.

Webinar: Educate your audience through an interactive content

As more employees are working home, it’s crucial for companies to keep their team informed. Whether you need to present key information, carry out training programs or connect with your audience, webinars allow you to digitize your messages in an engaging way. Webinars enable you to showcase presentations and announcements as well as facilitate engagement through comments or virtual Q&A’s. We’ve worked with brands such as Accenture and KPMG to get their message across to their audience. 

This video form can be used to transition presentations to a virtual format, ensuring internal communication can continue despite changing restrictions to workplace gatherings. They’re an easy way to inform your audience and generate engagement, with 95% of webinar hosts agreeing that webinars represent a key part of their marketing efforts. It’s important to consider the length of the webinar and the size of the intended audience, as well as the amount of audience participation necessary to successfully host your webinar.   

Here is a great example of what we’ve done for LinkedIn, to showcase how to Master Targeting.

Mastering Targeting on LinkedIn

Animation Videos: Communicate with your audience through a powerful storytelling tool

For those who love to let their imaginations run wild, animation videos are a preferred choice with brands seeking out a visual way to explain complex ideas and workflows. Depending on the message you wish to convey, there are several forms of animation that can drive your message home. 

With stop motion, motion graphics, 3D character styles taking the wave from the traditional 2D infographics, this is a hyper-stimulating video format that can easily keep your viewer captivated from start to finish. It’s always a good idea to have at least a skeleton idea of your message and clear business goals to start with and then build on that with the aid of a skilful creative and animation team. We’ve worked with brands such as Barclays and EY to get their message across to their audience.

Here is a great example of what we’ve done for Amazon.

Animation Interview Tips

Repurposing content: Transforming existing footage into a new content

Another way to creatively engineer fresh and valid content is through repurposing already existing footage. This includes previous video footage, licensed stock footage, reusable hi-res source files and assets. If you’ve created video with us before, we will have all of your videos in our platform and can easily put together a new story for you. 

With a cleverly scripted narrative, you can transform these assets into brand stories or power-house hype reels that show both history and progression of your business while keeping your audience tuned-in and engaged. And best still, with this video form you eliminate the risks of unnecessary travel and filming altogether. We’re here to put together a great creative team and connect you all remotely through our platform. All we need is your brief to start and depending on your needs, we’ll have a talented voice over artist and a rockstar editor to bring it all to life. Once the edits are done, you’ll be able to provide direct feedback and approval in our platform, streamlining the video production process. 

Here is a great example of what we’ve done for Moët Hennessy. 

Brand Promo Video

Remote Shoots: Create content, without needing to travel

While you may be restricted in your ability to travel, we can help you access local creators around the world to continue using remote shoots to create unique videos. You can create a shot list and manage everything remotely, or sketch out an idea and put your creative director in charge. Local creators are experienced in the area’s regulations and know where to get the best shots.

We recommend sharing a task outline in advance, to optimize the quality and efficiency on set. Our platform allows you to instantly share your brief and concept with all remote teams, so you can manage a series of videos easily. With the video production workflow managed centrally through 90 Seconds, you can film anywhere in the world, without having to travel.

International Women’s Day

Podcasts: Connect with your audience through a unique format

What might have been known as the prodigal step-son of video is gaining an outstanding level of popularity. With over 30million episodes available to listen to, stats show that 48% of America’s most educated millennials are avid podcast fans with the average listener tuning into 7 podcast episodes a week. We’ve worked with brands such as IBM and HP to get their message across to their audience.

Podcasts are easy to consume on the move and forms a great source of news, knowledge and entertainment. Audience-savvy brands use podcasts to keep their community of consumers entertained and in the loop of subjects close to heart. This form of content comes with a lean production team of a sound and possibly a camera operator to put a face to the voices.

Here is a great example of what we’ve done for HP.

Horacio Mirando on “Winning the Next generation Consumers with innovative digital journeys”