A Journey of Collaboration and Reach


Uber’s global story required a global storyteller. 90 Seconds, with its vast reach and agile approach, was the perfect match. The resulting videos not only showcased Uber’s expansive reach but also solidified the brand’s image as a global powerhouse. Uber’s satisfaction with the outcome is a testament to 90 Seconds’ commitment to excellence, no matter the scale or scope of the project.

Countries 15
Cities 36
Videos Created 165
Number of Creators 148
Brand’s brief

Uber, the revolutionary ride-hailing platform, has always been about pushing boundaries and breaking geographical limits. As a global leader, Uber wanted to create a video that could encapsulate its expansive reach and services. But how do you portray a brand's global essence in just a few minutes?

Brand’s objective

Uber's objective was clear yet ambitious: craft a compelling video that spanned across eight countries, all within a challenging timeframe of just 12 days. This video would narrate Uber's massive footprint, its local nuances, and its unifying brand vision. It wasn't just about creating a video; it was about weaving together stories from different continents into one cohesive narrative.

The challenge

The main challenge was logistical. Creating a video that required shooting in 37 distinct locations worldwide within 12 days is no small feat. Uber needed a partner that could coordinate global shoots simultaneously, maintain brand consistency, and ensure high-quality output—all within a tight deadline.

90 Seconds Solution

Enter 90 Seconds, a global video creation platform with a vast network of over 13,800 Creators spread across 160 countries. 90 Seconds was chosen for its unparalleled ability to mobilise and manage multi-location shoots with flexibility and precision.

The project's nerve centre was in Sydney, but it was a dance of coordination and creativity that saw teams from London to Amsterdam play pivotal roles. As the camera rolled in various European cities, the captured footage was swiftly uploaded to the 90 Seconds platform. This real-time upload allowed the editing maestros in Australia to start weaving the visual story without delay.

The collaboration didn't end there. As the partnership grew stronger, 90 Seconds went on to produce over 160 videos for Uber across 15 countries. From the bustling streets of Singapore to the scenic routes of Poland, from event coverages to advertising spots, the gamut of content created was both diverse and impactful.

90 Seconds is an absolute dream to work with. You set the brief and the deadline, and they literally take care of the rest.

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