Revolutionising Case Studies


The partnership with 90 Seconds has redefined how Microsoft communicates its stories. Instead of static written case studies, Microsoft now boasts dynamic and compelling video narratives that resonate powerfully with their audience. 90 Seconds has enabled Microsoft to embrace this change without compromising on cost, time, or quality. This collaboration signifies not just a shift in medium, but a leap in effective storytelling.

Countries 8
Cities 16
Videos Created 96
Number of Creators 80
Brand’s brief

As a tech titan at the forefront of innovation, Microsoft constantly strives to improve communication with its customers. Recognizing the shift in content consumption patterns, the company desired to transition from written case studies to more engaging video formats.

Brand’s objective

To present Microsoft's narratives in a way that would captivate a contemporary audience. The challenge lay in ensuring the transition to video was efficient, cost-effective, and maintained the high-quality standards that Microsoft is renowned for.

The challenge

The vast geographical spread of Microsoft's customer base meant shoots would need to take place in various locations, which posed potential logistical, cost, and time challenges. There were initial reservations about whether it would be possible to manage such dispersed shoots while maintaining consistent quality and narrative coherence.

90 Seconds Solution

90 Seconds emerged as the clear solution to Microsoft's challenges. With its robust platform and global community, 90 Seconds was uniquely positioned to address Microsoft's multi-location shooting needs. The platform allowed Microsoft to conduct shoots in three separate locations across New Zealand, yet the entire process – from shooting to editing – was managed online in real-time.

This digitally-enabled production model not only ensured real-time edits but also provided Microsoft with a platform for collaborative input throughout the process. Despite the quick production time, the quality of the content remained top-tier. Furthermore, the 90 Seconds platform's asset management feature offered a hassle-free storage system, simplifying the process of accessing and sharing videos for subsequent projects.

For our first project the reception we've had from our technical audience has been amazing. A testament to quality first and foremost with 90 Seconds!

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