Promoting the Great Journeys of New Zealand


The partnership between Great Journeys New Zealand and 90 Seconds resulted in promotional videos that did justice to the awe-inspiring Great Journeys of New Zealand. Through captivating content, they were not just promoting train journeys but were inviting viewers to embark on an unforgettable adventure. With 90 Seconds by their side, Great Journeys New Zealand is set on a trajectory of growth, ensuring their tourism business thrives and continues to enchant travellers from around the world.

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Brand’s brief

Great Journeys New Zealand isn't just about transportation; it's about experiences. With their tourism brand, the Great Journeys of New Zealand, Great Journeys New Zealand aimed to showcase New Zealand's breathtaking landscapes and deliver unforgettable adventures. To effectively communicate the magic of these journeys, particularly the iconic TranzAlpine train's voyage through the South Island, they required a promotional strategy as captivating as the rides themselves.

Brand’s objective

Great Journeys New Zealand's goal was to amplify their tourism offerings, making them irresistible to travellers worldwide. They wanted to create promotional content that not only showcased the serene beauty of the landscapes but also captured the essence and emotion of the journeys. Given the influential nature of video content, it became evident that visually stunning videos would be pivotal in achieving this.

The challenge

Capturing the majestic landscapes, the subtle nuances of the journey, and ensuring that the emotion resonated with viewers was a colossal task. Great Journeys New Zealand needed content that was not just aesthetically pleasing, but also evocative and engaging. Plus, the challenge of scaling this content for various promotional campaigns across different platforms was formidable.

90 Seconds Solution

Enter 90 Seconds, with its vast network of creative professionals and a state-of-the-art platform tailored for seamless video production. Partnering with Great Journeys New Zealand, they embarked on producing high-quality videos that mirrored the grandeur of the Great Journeys of New Zealand. With 90 Seconds' expertise, the mesmerising journey of the TranzAlpine train was brought to life, capturing every twist, turn, and breathtaking vista.

The collaboration enabled Great Journeys New Zealand to effectively scale their video content across different campaigns, ensuring consistency in quality and messaging. Moreover, by tapping into 90 Seconds' platform, Great Journeys New Zealand could produce this content in a cost-effective manner without compromising on the visual appeal.

Videos created for Great Journeys New Zealand
90 Seconds made a high quality, on brand video with incredible drone footage which we loved! So easy to deal with, definitely recommend!

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