Enabling regional teams

Streamline multiple video projects across multiple regions for maximum productivity and attain full visibility and control via a single cloud platform.

Stay aligned across regional and global teams

Stay aligned across regional and global teams

  • Our fully vetted and activated Creators with up-to-date feedback ratings ensure you meet procurement and governance standards.

  • Instil confidence in your videos by giving key stakeholders oversight from afar. Our cloud platform allows you to designate project roles, gives full transparency across assigned project roles and show live updates and notifications.

  • Amplify your organisational impact by choosing an easy, cost efficient video creation platform with quality assurance.

Extend into any location

Extend into any location

  • With a network of 13,000+ professional videographers in 160+ countries, we have the talent you need, where you need it.

  • Free up local budget by cutting administrative costs and using pricing that adjusts by location to give you the best market rate.

  • 90 Seconds optimizes for the fastest upload speed in low-bandwidth environments so your work can move ahead uninterrupted.

Work without barriers

Work without barriers

  • Bilingual local teams and technology help erase language differences.

  • Intelligent workflow routes translate feedback to each recipient at the right time.

  • Deliverables are shared and reviewed in the 90 Seconds platform, eliminating attachments and the pain of juggling tools and file types.

Benefit from local videographers with local knowledge

Benefit from local videographers with local knowledge

  • Forget the cost of flying from place to place, and skip the time it takes to learn about an unfamiliar location.

  • Work with local, bilingual creatives experienced in the area’s regulations and sites.

  • Choose your shot from our location guides, or simply sketch an idea and leave the rest to a local camera operator or director.

Discover our worldwide locations

Borders don’t exist on our platform; you can easily manage remote video shoots led by local creators in 900+ cities and beyond.

Manage many projects, quickly and consistently

Manage many projects, quickly and consistently

  • Manage multiple shoots, production teams, and videos for your local offices in parallel.

  • In-app messaging makes communicating with creators in any location smooth and seamless.

  • See all project updates in one place so it’s easy to track progress and prioritize action items.

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