What is a Photographer?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
What is a Photographer?

A photographer captures the essence of the event, taking pictures, setting up shots and making sure that the lighting is just right.

Whether during a video production or during a large event, the photographer is the one who is both in the action but quietly blending in to take pictures.

With the right equipment, the photographer is going to be responsible for taking pictures of all important happenings, making sure that most people at the event have their picture taken at least once.

At times, the photographer might direct models, or help perfect a scene to get it ready for video production.

The eye of the photographer is important, and one that can make a lackluster video production shine. By looking through the lens, a photographer can gain special insight as to what is going right with a shoot and what needs to be changed.

Photographers pay attention to even the smallest details, and they will find anything that looks out of place and make a suggestion to fix it.

Primary roles

The photographer must be able to be in the right place at the right time, taking pictures of the important action as it happens. The photographer might spend time posing subjects, and must always pay attention to the lighting in any situation.

The photographer must have the right equipment to ensure that they can get all the pictures they need, and must always have extra batteries, flashes, and gear.

The photographer also pays close attention to time during the event, and monitors the schedule to know when important moments are about to happen.

Secondary roles

While taking pictures, the photographer must also always pay attention to the surroundings.

Pictures are more than snapshots. If there is something in the way, making a scene appear ugly, the photographer might take time to move it. For example, if there is a trash can in the background, the photographer will probably move it out of the way.

The photographer will be following the action, and assisting with lighting whenever possible at a video production.

During a video shoot, it can be hard for the entire team to work closely together. One role a photographer can play is to make sure they are out of the way of the videographer, to ensure that they aren’t in any video clips. Photographers must always be ready to jump into action.