How to brief like a pro

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: September 12, 2023

Creating a custom project brief is easy. Let us guide you through the process!

Get started by giving your project a name

What is your project deadline?

Let us know exactly when you need your video so we can plan timelines accordingly and ensure expectations are met.

Where do you want to shoot your video?

Location details provided here will be used by your 90 Seconds Production Service Manager to match the perfect Creator team.

What is your video project budget?

Let us know your budget so we can tailor a quote specific to your brief.

What do you have in mind for your video?

Provide a detailed overview of your video project vision. The more detailed, the better! Think about things such as:

  1. How many videos do you want to create? Do you need any cut-down versions for social media?
  2. How many video shoots do you need? Do you already know the exact locations or do you need help sourcing these?
  3. Do you want to include graphics, animation, voice-over, music tracks in your video?
  4. Do you need help with creative ideation and scripting, or do you need someone to execute on your existing vision?

If you already have a brief, storyboard or shot list, you can also upload this here.

Have you seen any similar videos that you are using for inspiration?

Here you can upload videos, images, or any other supporting media to clearly communicate to your Creators exactly what you are looking for.

When you’re done, simply click Next. And it’s done!

After your brief has been submitted, your project will be started under the Video Projects In Purchase section when you click on Projects on the top panel of your brand page.

Your quotation has been sent to our production team and a producer will get in touch with you shortly to discuss the details of your project!

Bringing your video project to life

If you would like to proceed with the video production, click on the project and the Complete Brief button to add in additional details in your project brief so as to provide you with the most optimal result in the final video.

Here is a list of queries you can fill out on your project brief to guide our production crew in creating the video that you envisioned.

What are the objectives you would like this video project to accomplish?

Are you looking to showcase your product, increase sales or foster greater corporate cohesion with internal communications, setting clear objectives would help us focus on what is needed to get your message across.

Who are your target audience?

This would help us craft the video in a manner that would appeal to your specific target audience and increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

Where are you planning to publish and promote the video?

The approach and format of your video will differ across different social media platforms.

Next we will have some stylistic choices for you to choose from, are you looking for a serious interview or a light hearted advert? How long would you want the video to be?

How do you envision this video to be? What is the story about? Are there key shots you would like us to include in the video? Any important piece of dialogue that we should not miss out on?

Are there any graphics you would like to include such as logos or product shots?

Is there anything you would like us to avoid during the shoot? We will instruct the production team to keep this in mind during the shoot.

Click on Submit and you’re all done!

You can check on the status of the project on your dashboard, our Production Services team will update on the project status as we assemble the creator team to bring your video to life!

We hope this helps, but if you’re still having trouble navigating the platform please reach out to our support team.