How do I find my videos and footage for download?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: September 12, 2023

Now that you have your completed video, you can download it onto your desktop or mobile hard drive.

You can find all the completed videos affiliated to your Brand by navigating to your Brand page from your Profile.

1. Locate the video, under Completed Video Projects

2. Scroll down to the small Youtube clip of your video. To download, please click on the title next to the video.

3. You can find the download button there

Raw footage

If you’re looking for the raw footage from your shoot, you can find the files within the individual shoot pages.

1. Navigate to the shoot page that you wish to access the footage from

2. Scroll down do Footage to create and store. Click on Download for each folder that you wish to download.

Working files

If you need to access the working files for your project you can find them towards the bottom of the project page under Video Project Uploads.

We hope this answers your questions! If you’re still struggling and need assistance please get in touch with our support team.