Global video category insights

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023

The best vision is insight as Malcolm Forbes said, which is why we’ve compiled the latest trending insights across the depth and breadth of the video marketing industry. Drawing on 90 Seconds own data and analysis, compiled with environmental macro trends, in this edition we bring you the latest intel into the surge in video content production, the types of content people are calling for and how this compares by geography.

1. In 2021, we saw 154 new Brands join the 90 Seconds platform

At a time when the world was still grappling with the devastation caused by Covid-19, businesses and brands were learning first-hand the power and reach of digital video marketing and as the world’s premiere video creation platform, came to 90 Seconds to bring their ideas to life.

2. Briefs for interviews rose by 26%

In ANZ, we saw demand for authenticity and connection take centre stage, with the production of interviews rising by 26%. A way to establish trust and build relationships with viewers, interviews are an effective marketing tool that delivers results – and in 2021, customers in Australia experienced this first-hand. Perhaps understandably - considering the world’s longest lockdown was experienced in Melbourne at 262 days - webinar production more than doubled with companies increasing their news and internal communication in a bid to connect with their people remotely. Australian businesses wisely understood the power of video to reach and engage dispersed audiences.

3. Company News grew by over 2100%

In South-East Asia, we saw first-hand the impacts of Covid-19 on content marketing strategy, with brands quickly pivoting away from traditional tools like formal advertising production and events coverage – both of which fell by over 75% - to embrace video types that foster a sense of connection and trust. In SEA, production of video communicating Company News grew by over 2100% with Webinar production up 400%, demonstrating that organisational culture and customer communication remain paramount and can still be maintained – even strengthened – in a fragmented digital workplace.

4. People Stories video category has increased by 60%

In Hong Kong, spend across the People Stories video category has increased by 60%, with animations also now accounting for a bigger piece of the pie showing growth of 62%. What does this tell us? It tells us that customers in Hong Kong are connecting with the importance of humanising their brands and businesses. On the animation front, these videos are an SEO powerhouse and its clear our customers are becoming increasingly aware of this. It could also indicate an increase in commitment to inclusion by using animation in video to achieve this. How so? In today’s global marketplace, animated videos are inclusive and accessible to all – they don’t depict one race, region, or age over another, and are a great option for international businesses.

5. The need for walkthrough videos quadrupled

Unsurprisingly video trends in the United Kingdom have been more than a little influenced by the pandemic – in fact, when looking at the data, its crystal clear. Demands for events coverage fell considerably, whereas walkthrough videos – used to provide viewers with every detail and give as close to an ‘IRL’ experience as possible - almost quadrupled. In addition, interview production soared and as the most effective way to extract a genuine response from a person about a business or product, it's easy to see why. With our global network of approximately 14,000 professional videographers and film producers, 90 Seconds was the first port of call for UK brands and businesses wanting to achieve results through interviews. Finally, the creation of animated videos skyrocketed, again showing that like those in Hong Kong, UK customers are aware of the strength an animated video can bring in terms of creating cut through and achieving SEO results.

6. Brands turning their attention to the heart of their business: People

In the US we saw perhaps the most dramatic change in content production trends, with events coverage falling away altogether in 2021 and instead companies turning their attention to the heart of their business: people. With the pandemic having fundamentally shifted the consumer mindset, brands in the US focused video marketing efforts on creating a sense of humanity and connection, putting faces to names to in turn, build trust and establish relationships with customers through People Stories. This macro trend is also indicative through the increase in Company News video production with businesses focusing increased attention internally to connect with dispersed employees during a time of great uncertainty.

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