7 tips for advertising content on LinkedIn

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023

Thinking about diving into the world of video advertising on LinkedIn? It’s an effective tool for any marketer, but only when it’s done right. Here are 7 tips from our experts on getting the details right.

1. Show what your audience wants to see in the first 10 seconds of the video

Data shows they’re likely to drop off after that, so it’s important to stack your key messages at the start of your advertising content.

2. Consider ‘burning in’ video subtitles

A large proportion of your audience will watch without sound, so it’s important they know what’s going on regardless.

3. Check the LinkedIn video ad specs before you start production

Ensure the ad specs are front of mind when you're editing. A lot of brands think their video will be ready for all platforms and purposes, but LinkedIn has specific requirements for videos used in their advertising mechanism–don’t get caught out.

4. Short, sharp and effective

For brand awareness and brand consideration videos, LinkedIn recommends keeping length under 30 seconds.

5. Stick to a 30-90 second video length

When you’re making videos for upper-funnel marketing goals, this is the sweet-spot for engaging audiences, getting your messages across and ensuring minimal fatigue/drop-off.

6. Opt for longer-form video if you’re trying to tell a brand or product story

This is your opportunity to dive into the details and get to the heart of a story. A LinkedIn study found that long-form video can drive as many clicks as short-form video if it effectively tells a more complex story.

7. Don’t exceed more than 10 minutes

LinkedIn considers 10 minutes the informal cut-off point for video.

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