How to rent a Wide Angle Camera Lens?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to rent a Wide Angle Camera Lens?

Designed to allow for a wider field of view, wide angle lenses are defined by their short focal lengths that allow the photographer to fit more of a scene in the frame.

Common wide angle lenses include 35mm, 28mm, 24mm, 21mm, 20mm, 18mm and 14mm, with the last four sizes considered to be ultra-wide angle lenses.

Wide angle lenses do not work for all photography purposes; the large field of view that these lenses take in means that some parts of the resulting image may be distorted, such as lines that should appear straight looking bent.

However, sometimes this distortion works to good visual effect, such as when the photographer wishes to exaggerate the depth of objects or their relative size in an image.

In general, renting a wide angle lens is a good idea if you intend to shoot photographs that need to capture a similarly wide field of view as the human eye, such as large and sprawling landscapes.

Wide angle lens will allow you to get much more of what you see in the frame of your photo as compared with a longer focal length lens.

For shooting a variety of photography styles from landscapes to large group photographs, renting a wide angle lens will provide you with the best results.

Common uses of Wide Angle Lens

Landscape photography, particularly when trying to capture a large natural wonder such as the Grand Canyon, requires the use of a wide angle lens for the best images.

A wide angle lens is commonly use for sports photography, especially when the photographer wishes to include the scope of the entire stadium or arena.

When a large group of people needs to be included in the same image as in wedding photography, a wide angle lens is often employed.

As with capturing large-scale landscapes, wide angle lens are often used to take photographs that encompass large interior rooms such as banquet halls.

Architectural photography, whether of a single building or of a entire cityscape, often relies on wide angle lens for the best results.

Though not the most commonly used type of lens, wide angle lenses are able to produce stunning and dramatic images that can capture large scenes and create interesting interplay between objects in the frame.

Because wide angle lenses can be expensive and their use is not applicable for all styles of photography, many photographers find that renting a wide angle lens is the most cost effective way to utilize this piece of photographic equipment when needed.