Embracing Efficiency and Scale


From the initial quote to the delivery of the final product, PayPal’s collaboration with 90 Seconds epitomised efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Having successfully completed eight video projects and reaping the benefits of quality work, PayPal sees working with 90 Seconds not just as a service provider, but as a game-changer in the realm of video production.

Countries 18
Cities 43
Videos Created 307
Number of Creators 209
Brand’s brief

PayPal, the global online payments system, constantly seeks to innovate, streamlining their processes and expanding their reach. As they ventured into a large-scale campaign aimed at storytelling for their merchants, they faced challenges that demanded a seamless and cost-effective solution.

Brand’s objective

To convey the essence of PayPal – a brand synonymous with ease and innovation – through compelling videos, while tackling logistical challenges and ensuring a cost-effective production model.

The challenge

PayPal's ambitious campaign posed substantial logistical and cost concerns. Finding a production model capable of addressing their requirements without compromising on quality was paramount.

90 Seconds Solution

By leveraging the 90 Seconds platform, PayPal was not only able to gain access to a global community of Creators but also benefited from a streamlined production workflow and an invaluable asset management, all in one place.

Within a mere 48 hours of reaching out, PayPal received a comprehensive quote and subsequently, the final product, marking an impressive turnaround time. The nationwide contacts and the depth of local knowledge that 90 Seconds brought to the table proved invaluable in navigating the challenges presented by PayPal's extensive campaign.

The cloud-based technology provided by 90 Seconds allowed for hassle-free access and download of footage. PayPal's experience with the quality of work was so exemplary that it defied their initial cost expectations – they procured the services at half the price they expected a competitor would charge.

Videos created for PayPal
90 Seconds are always a pleasure to work with. They take direction well and turn things around quickly, to a high standard.

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