Revolutionising Telco Content with Digital Precision


Step into the dynamic world of Circles.Life, a leading digital Telco spreading its footprint across multiple countries. Journey with us as we explore how their collaboration with 90 Seconds tackled intricate video production challenges, setting a new standard in brand consistency and content quality.

Countries 2
Cities 2
Videos Created 26
Number of Creators 25
Brand’s brief

Circles.Life, a digital player in the telecom sector, operates across five countries, reinventing the way customers experience telecommunication services. As a fully digital Telco, their ambition is to offer captivating, consistent content that resonates across different demographics.

Brand’s objective

To stand out in the competitive telecom landscape, Circles.Life aimed to create impactful video content, maintaining brand consistency, speed of production, and reducing the logistical complexities of global shoots.

The challenge

Circles.Life grappled with multiple challenges in video content creation. From the complexities of coordinating international shoots to ensuring brand consistency in each video, the company yearned for a solution that could simplify their production pipeline without compromising on quality or speed.

90 Seconds Solution

Enter 90 Seconds. Their innovative platform was a perfect match for Circles.Life's digital-first approach. With 90 Seconds, there was no need for tedious travel, ensuring brand consistency became a breeze, and their one-stop-platform made briefing creators straightforward and efficient. Circles.Life appreciated the concierge service and swift pace, emphasising how 90 Seconds made video content not just manageable but also accessible.

Videos created for Circle.Life
One of the big problems that 90 Seconds helps us solve is getting the right team for the right job.

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