Video Production Trends

Table of content
  1. Introduction
  2. 1. Using Self-Deprecating Humor
  3. 2. Being Real
  4. 3. Incorporating Animated Characters
  5. 4. Using Real Animals as Actors
  6. 5. Using Aerial Video
  7. 6. Implementing Live Action
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90 Seconds
8 years ago・4 min read

Video production trends change in response to consumer demand and response. From corporate videos to branded commercials, the following current video production trends have been making the rounds.

1. Using Self-Deprecating Humor

Dollar Shave Club founder Mike Dubin stars in a commercial/video that doesn’t portray him or his company in a sophisticated, executive light.

Instead, he’s shown as a regular guy who brings viewers on a fun and humorous tour of the company.

2. Being Real

Surely you’ve noticed that the spokesman for travel site Trivago is unshaven and unkempt.

His shirt is wrinkled. His tie is missing. And he basically looks like he just woke up.

In fact, the whole internet has noticed, and there’s enough chatter about him to make the corporate owners very, very happy about the publicity.

3. Incorporating Animated Characters

Charmin exclusively uses animated bears to advertise its products. And a popular overactive bladder prescription medicine company uses an animated bladder character along with a real human.

4. Using Real Animals as Actors

Who hasn’t seen the adorable Golden Retriever family of dogs driving around in a Subaru commercial? Not a word is spoken, and none are needed.

The commercial is memorable and effective. There are many variations. But each of them puts the Subaru front and center.

5. Using Aerial Video

With the availability of drones, many different industries are taking advantage of the capability to create a beautiful aerial video for their purposes. One such industry is real estate, where agents introduce homes for sale with sweeping videography that highlights the property’s location in the surrounding areas.

6. Implementing Live Action

Mountable video cameras have enabled creative producers to produce corporate and commercial videos with stunning live-action sequences. Everything ranging from downhill skiing to underwater exploration is trending with both amateur and professionals alike.

When new technology gets in the hands of creative videographers, trends like these will likely emerge in every industry. These current video production trends are sure to become the foundation of even more exciting trends in the future.