The new normal – Coronavirus effect on video content strategies

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  1. Introduction
  2. 2019: The power of Event videos
  3. 2020: The new normal and the rise of Case Study videos 
  4. 90 Seconds Bonus - Animated Product Demo Videos
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90 Seconds
4 years ago・8 min read

90 Seconds is a premier global video creation platform, helping brands produce quality videos from anywhere in the world. After diving deep into our data, we are here to share some of our key insights with you.

Firstly, we specifically looked at data from April to July for both 2019 and 2020. This was to provide a more accurate comparison between the trends and needs of brands during these periods. And here’s what we found out.

2019: The power of Event videos

Event videos were our top produced videos from April to July 2019. Out of all the videos 90 Seconds developed then, Event videos made up a whopping 19%.

What are Event videos?

It is pretty self-explanatory, but an event video is essentially video content produced for either event coverage or event promotion. Examples of event videos include a conference highlight reel or a live event coverage of a brand’s store opening. 

Event videos can achieve several outcomes for your brand. For instance, they can increase your reach by sharing the event footage with those who were unable to turn up. Event videos also help brands maximize their content owned. To do so, brands can position key event takeaways as additional learning content to establish authority within the industry. 

Here, we produced an event video for Moët Hennessy when Solotel employees toured the brand’s Domaine Chandon winery. This organized team event hoped to inspire creativity and cultivate relationships within the beverage industry. Through capturing this intimate gathering, Moët Hennessy was able to showcase both their products and product origins – a detail of importance in the food and beverage industry. 

Of course, firms most commonly produce event videos for either hosted conferences or large-scale gatherings with invited partners and clients. Our video for Deloitte captured significant moments of their employees and speeches at the annual Consensus event. By including participant interviews, Deloitte managed to successfully convey the brand’s perspective on the rising topic of blockchain technology as well. 

How do I use Event videos as a strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic?

As we continue to wade the waters of the Coronavirus pandemic, it is natural that brands downsize originally large-scale events. However, this does not imply that the effectiveness of event video content would reduce as well. 

For instance, although your hosted event or conference is now smaller due to lesser speakers and audience members, fret not, you can still utilize technology to your advantage. 

Here, opt for producing either a Virtual Event or Webinar video. Both video types transcend geographical boundaries and allow you to connect with a mass audience directly. This promises engagement and content to interested parties, no matter their location.

How do I use Virtual Events content as a strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic?

As the name suggests, Virtual Events are where event attendees and organizers communicate and interact in a virtual environment. The trend of virtual events rose to popularity since the pandemic ensued as firms and organizations pivot their otherwise usual in-person events virtually.

Plus, 86% of attendees have reported higher or equal levels of engagement when attending virtual events as compared to in-person events. Examples of Virtual Events include Annual General Meetings (AGMs), virtual conferences, product launches, and town halls. 

The content possibilities for virtual events are endless – you can choose to pre-record videos, produce live streams, or a combination of both, it’s really all up to you. For Torrens University, we produced a Virtual Open Day video which included recorded student testimonials and supplementary pre-recorded video footage of the campus.

Thinking of producing a Virtual Event? Check out our highly scalable and customizable solution packages here. 

2020: The new normal and the rise of Case Study videos 

Although 2020 has been a year of unprecedented happenings, one trend was expected by marketers worldwide – the boom of brand marketing. After all, Edelman’s 2019 Trust Barometer revealed that 81% of consumers cited a need to trust the brand before making a purchase. Plus, customers are increasingly showing their support for purpose-driven brands – 94% of consumers deem it crucial that the brands they interact with, have a strong purpose. In this case, the most direct way to highlight your credibility and brand purpose is through Case Study videos. 

During the Coronavirus pandemic till July 2020, Case Study videos were the top produced videos – a substantial 20% out of all 90 Seconds produced videos then. 

What are Case Study videos?

A good Case Study video shows how viewers would benefit from a product or service, ideally from a consumer’s perspective. Examples can come in multiple forms – as a simple product benefit video or multi-person testimonial interviews. Besides showcasing the success of your offered product or service, Case Study videos help highlight your brand message as well. What’s more, this form of video marketing can work in both the B2B and B2C industries. 

Here, we produced a video for FrieslandCampina and its Dutch Lady beverage brand. This campaign took on an emotive tone as it featured both the children’s and mothers’ authentic perspectives. The Case Study video also addressed the common concerns mothers have on topics like health and milk consumption. Through this, not only did FrieslandCampina successfully convey its brand purpose of better nutrition for all, the firm managed to establish its authority and credibility as well. 

Success stories and testimonials are also types of content that you can highlight in your brand’s Case Study video. For PayPal, we developed a Case Study video featuring the success story of a local Australian business, Hi-Smile. Besides explaining how PayPal solutions have benefited their business, the owners also dished out advice to aspiring entrepreneurs. Filmed in Hi-Smile’s office, this video was punctuated by scenes of local life as well as interview footage. All this helped in conveying the idea that if you are a business owner, no matter how small, PayPal’s services can help bring you to the next level. 

Want to know more about Case Study videos? Check out our blog here

How do I use Case Study videos as a strategy during the Coronavirus pandemic? 

In recent years, before the Coronavirus pandemic, the digital shift towards brand marketing was already apparent, inspired by consumers’ growing sentiment to support brands they identify with. With the world on lockdown and consumers’ consequent increased reliance on the digital world, Case Study videos are a stellar way for you to showcase your brand message to consumers now. 

1. Authenticity is key

Perhaps, what brands need to understand before producing a Case Study video is that authenticity is key – and genuine customer experience and satisfaction have to be depicted. Through this form of effective storytelling will you then be able to convince potential customers or partners of your brand promise. This is especially so as these authentic recounts stand as a testament that your brand is one they can resonate with; it is one that not only offers solutions but has had experience solving such complications before as well. 

2. Go borderless

Customers of your offered product or service come from all over the world, and each one of them is valued. Regardless of where they are, each consumer or merchant partner is a testimonial to your brand. Capitalize on this with 90 Seconds and our localization capabilities. Here, our platform allows you to connect with creators from around the globe whereby you can set up interview shoots and create your desired Case Study video footage seamlessly. 

Curious to know more? For insights on how you should adapt your video content strategy during the Coronavirus, check out our blog here

90 Seconds Bonus – Animated Product Demo Videos

Here’s another up and coming video type we have for you – Animated Product Demo videos. By incorporating vibrant animation in your Product Demo videos, you can easily highlight key features of your product or service. Feel free to illustrate your brand’s uniqueness with animation elements as well. For instance, the use of cartoon graphics can better demonstrate your brand’s relevance to youths whilst the use of your firm’s fonts will aid in branding efforts too. 

Here, we developed a series of videos for HP which aimed to showcase products manufactured by HP’s 3D printing technologies. With the use of both animation and real-live visuals, this memorable Animated Product Demo successfully demonstrated the benefits of choosing HP over other competitors. 

Excited to get started? Browse our marketplace and be inspired by the array of video content you can create with us today.