Insights from the design team: Enhanced browsing experience

Table of content
  1. Introduction
  2. Be the customer
  3. Experience the content marketplace
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Oncel Cebeci
5 years ago・2 min read

90 Seconds is a cloud-based video production platform. But also a video content marketplace. This drastically increases the required average user interaction from start to finish across the platform. And to ease our users, brands, and video creators experience we did few improvements on your content, order and project workflows in the last couple of months.

As 90 Seconds design team, we always focus on two questions:

(1) How can we ensure that our video outputs always satisfy our brands.

(2) How do we create workflows for our users that allows just enough customization and control without too many complicated forms and multiple actions?

That’s the sole reason why we worked on this transparent new end-to-end workflow approach; to allow our users to self-drive and control the video production process with our 7/24 support just a click away.

Be the customer

We are continuously listening and “being the customer” when we are faced with challenges to come up with design solutions. Ultimately, our goal is to provide a richer user experience for our users.

Experience the content marketplace

By simplifying the browsing experience in our Curated Marketplace, we’re showcasing the variety of video categories available with creator teams waiting to be activated anywhere in the world.

Different teams within your organization can easily pick and choose the best video category that can help them with their own specific messaging needs. There’s something for everyone!