Creatively leverage your video footage

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  1. Introduction
  2. Leverage smaller parts of a longer video to tell a complete story
  3. Use one footage to generate content for several formats
  4. Maximizing event reach with micro-video content
  5. Get the most out of your video footage
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90 Seconds
5 years ago・4 min read

Need to create video content for a variety of platforms but no time or resources to do so multiple times? Turns out you don’t have to do that — not if you are able to capture high-quality footage and plan ahead to get the most out of it. You’ll be surprised at how many mini-assets you can generate simply from one master source, but only if it’s done right — and getting it right is what we do. But here are some tricks to get the most out of your video footage.

Leverage smaller parts of a longer video to tell a complete story

Think of a long-form video as an anthology from which smaller videos which can be extracted. Each as its own standalone story. The smaller videos are extracts from the main long-form video. But, that does not mean they cannot form a cohesive narrative when shortened.

TripAdvisor SEA long-form video

15-second cutdown of long-form video

Chopping down a large asset into smaller, easily-digestible nuggets of viewable and shareable content is exactly what we did with Tripadvisor SEA.

We shot a long-form video that highlighted important information. They consist of major landmarks, places of interest, and noteworthy local food and beverage haunts. The two shorter videos we generated each featured only a select handful of important tourist attractions and popular eateries.

Use one footage to generate content for several formats

There’s so much you can do with a long-form video. Especially when it comes to using the same content to tell different stories.

We generated multiple story angles from the overall shoot we did for Pringles. Creating additional video content which was shorter, punchier, and allowed audiences to enjoy the overall campaign from differing angles.

Be deliberate in your creation of various social media assets. We made thematically similar yet conceptually different videos of varying lengths for Pringles’ new campaign. This is so that people could enjoy the same story but from a variety of perspectives.

Pringles Korea 15-seconds 16:9 format

Pringles Korea 6-seconds 1:1 format

Tip: Go into your shoot with some pre-planning for which social media platforms you will be using. Shoot the hero video in both horizontal and vertical formats to ensure you’re ahead of the social media curve.

Maximizing event reach with micro-video content

Your brand or company is launching a new product. What better way to showcase it than through video content that can be leveraged for a variety of purposes?

Langton’s Wine main cinematic trailer

Langton’s Wine hype content

With Langton’s, Australia’s leading fine wine marketplace, we created a cinematic trailer to be played at the Langton’s Classification VII release, featuring the top 136 wines in Australia.

This included pre-event hype content, ever-green cut-downs to be used throughout the classification period, and event reels which highlighted the events where the trailer was played.

Creating an ecosystem of content based on the original trailer, enabled Langton’s to maximize the use of the amazing footage we captured across the country.

Get the most out of your video footage

Maximize your production value by using what you already have, and take it to the next level with smart, effective pre-planning and customization for specific social platforms.

Not sure how to go about doing it? We can lend a helping hand.