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  1. Introduction
  2. Always use the right assets
  3. What are some of the features available now?
  4. How can I access it?
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90 Seconds
5 years ago・3 min read

At 90 Seconds it’s in our DNA to make video creation simple, accessible and always on; to that we add smart! Introducing our new home for all your Content to go beyond just searching and storing to complete media management. Connect all the dots from your footage and content assets to a seamless video creation journey.

You can store and access not just videos created on our platform. But the brand and creative assets from footage to photos to audio. Anything you need to interact with your assets to seamlessly create videos is now all housed in one place.

Designed to work seamlessly within our ecosystem of video creation — with access to our Curated Marketplace and our network of creators across 160 countries worldwide — your ability to create and repurpose video content all from one platform has never been more manageable.

Always use the right assets

Now all team members can go to one location to navigate all your brand’s video and content assets for a more integrated asset lifecycle across your organization. Intelligent search functionality can boost productivity with less time spent on searching, taking the effort out of organizing and curating. This lets you create more to keep up with the pace of your continuous video content needs.

It also means that there is less risk of team members using outdated or incorrect brand assets. This ensures brand consistency at a global level for your video content, enabling local, regional, and global teams to work in true collaboration. Creating original video as well as repurposing to create derivative videos has never been easier.

What are some of the features available now?

You can find videos with custom searches and predefined filters based on location and project as well as view and download them for easy sharing.

Finding the right video in your archive can take time – even if you know exactly what you’re looking for. Now you can search by project title and locations, filter by date and preview the video immediately. These features make it easier for you to discover your assets without a hassle.

View & Download

Once you’ve pinpointed your video with search, you can immediately review it in the same window to make sure it’s the one you’re looking for. Then, download it easily in a range of sizes.

How can I access it?

As a premium brand with over US$20K of spend on continuous video creation, you’ve already unlocked these new features! All you have to do experience it is to log in and see it for yourself.

After this initial launch, we’ll be rolling out even more features like search integration with Google video intelligence — we are excited to hear what you think, so feedback to us by clicking Support on the navigation bar while you are on the platform!