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90 Seconds is the premiere global video creation platform, enabling brands to create quality videos anywhere in the world.

Success Stories

We know that 90 Seconds has got us covered. It really is like having your own team in every city around the world.
Customer Story
One of the big problems that 90 Seconds helps us solve is getting the right team for the right job.
Customer Story
The inclusion of creative development to the Shoot Anywhere service of 90 Seconds really brings international video production to a whole new level.
Customer Story
It feels like us - every time we do a project with 90 Seconds - it still comes back and feels like an Adaptavist jam!
Customer Story
The quality of the finished video is excellent. Also, your team showed professionalism throughout the project.
Company Story
Really impressed with the overall experience. It was calm, easy and executed perfectly.
Case Study
Working with 90 Seconds to produce video is a dream - smooth, simple, creative and very effective!
Product Demo
A great collaboration platform and a great network of talents make the interaction with 90 seconds quick, easy and effective.
People Story
Super fast turnaround on creative and production schedule and then very understanding of our editing review timeline.
Case Study
Speed was fantastic, it was Bupa who actually slowed things down so we really appreciate your patience with us.
Help & How-to
Thanks for the successful completion of another project - always a pleasure to work with the 90 Seconds team.
Case Study
Standard Chartered
Many thanks to the team! The videos look great. Pleasure working with you.
Sathialingam Thanabalan locationSingapore
90 Seconds has been my go-to portal for quick and easy jobs that add value to my portfolio as a cinematographer.
Lachlan French locationSydney
The platform of 90 Seconds is something I have not come across in 10 years of working in film and video. It’s simplifi ...
Luke Frater locationWellington
Discovering 90 Seconds has been a huge revelation for me. The platform makes planning, shooting, and editing projects an ...
Massimo Amici locationLondon
Working for 90 Seconds over the past 4 years has really facilitated my life as a freelancer by offering me the possibili ...
Karamjit Gill locationHong Kong
Working with 90 Seconds has given me a unique opportunity to collaborate with some talented professionals on some engagi ...
Ross Tinney locationPerth
I also enjoy the platform as a means of staying in touch with both production team and client. It allows for an open, t ...
Bevan Jones locationAuckland
Working with the 90 Seconds team, they are always enthusiastic and lively. Their platform is successful in helping work ...
Charlie Aquino locationAntipolo
Working with the team at 90 Seconds has been an awesome experience for me and my team. The project managers are very fri ...
Tommy Fok locationSingapore
It has been an awesome experience working with 90 Seconds, getting opportunities to be part of the production teams, gen ...
Tom Farmery locationLondon
Working with 90 Seconds has been fantastic! Having a dedicated agency who essentially find work on my behalf is brillian ...
John Prescott locationMelbourne
Probably the biggest challenge of being a freelancer for almost 20 years now, has been the business end of things. I've ...
Gareth Machine locationWhangarei
It's clear, concise fun and a great way to collaborate. Film making is a truly collaborative art form and the platform i ...
Andrew McDowall locationAuckland
The diversity and challenge of the jobs is what makes working with 90 Seconds so enjoyable. At Digicake studio we specia ...
Dez Mighty locationLondon
I’ve worked with 90 Seconds for a few months and am amazed by the energy and attention to detail that is brought to ev ...
Tae Kimhyun locationSydney
I have worked with 90 Seconds in Sydney since 2014 and they have been absolutely awesome linking myself to cool, fun pro ...
Yvette Harvie-Salter locationAuckland
When a job contract comes up with 90 Seconds, you get an email straight away and you can accept the contract. I’ve found them amazing and easy to work with.
Fernando Hart locationAuckland
Love the platform! It’s a game-changer for me in terms of functionality and ease of use.
Silvia Lozza locationLondon
The best platform for freelancers to get work with high profile companies!
Hany Hawasly locationColumbia, Missouri
I enjoyed my first experience with 90 Seconds. Although they’re based thousands of miles away, communication was not a ...
Miren Patel locationLondon
Great tool for new freelancers to get a step up into video production working with big name companies making great contacts along the way.
Oliver Purches locationBristol
90 Seconds is the most efficient production service I've ever worked with - and they're good people too.
Chris Gavin locationLondon
I'd been working for many years as a commercials director, then in 2014 I found myself working freelance again. I alread ...
Lachlan Humphreys locationSydney
As a Freelance producer I’ve really enjoyed the workflow as a result to the 90 Seconds platform. It’s a clear way to ...
George Felner locationLondon
90 Seconds have been faultless in assigning work compatible with my skills on a regular basis. This platform is the real thing.

Have any questions?

  • How do I raise an issue on my project?
    Whether you want to talk to your 90 Seconds Production Service Manager directly, ask for an update, or change the time of your delivery, we’ve got you covered. Don’t rush to Intercom for support immediately - all communication will be made via the activity feed in your project page. Here you can directly raise issues, provide comments and request changes with the Production Service Manager and Creators.
  • What if I want a video project that is more customised?
    If our pre-packaged video products aren’t the right fit, you can create a custom project. A Producer will be in touch to find out more about your requirements and how we can tailor our services to suit.
  • Which countries do 90 Seconds currently offer services in?
    With a team of Creators spanning 900 cities and 160 countries, we can help with video creation in the most remote corners of the world. Check out our video production locations.
  • What if I require only video shooting or only video editing?
    No problem. We offer video shooting and video editing as separate services. Check out our full range of production solutions.
  • How do I find my videos and footage for download?
    Now that you have your completed video; you can download it onto your desktop or mobile hard drive. You can find all the completed videos affiliated to your Brand by navigating to your Brand page from your Profile. Locate the video, under ‘Completed Video Projects’.

Have more questions? Visit our Support page.

  • How do I get paid?
    Please refer to the Creators Terms & Conditions for Payment Terms. All Creators will be paid with Hyperwallet. 90 Seconds does not require invoices to be submitted for any projects. Invoicing is all done through the Platform upon contract acceptance. You are of course welcome to create your own invoices for your records, but we do not require copies.
  • How much work is in my area?
    While some markets maintain a large volume of projects, other less known areas are growing steadily and beginning to see an increasing amount of work. The amount of work in a given area depends entirely on our customers: how often they’re purchasing video and where they need crew for their projects. The good news: 90 Seconds is growing, we have a large sales team and can support clients in all countries via our cloud platform.
  • How do I get jobs?
    Normally, contract invitations are sent out by a Producer to a small number of Creators that match the skills and experience required in the Client’s brief. These are allocated on a First-Come-First-Served basis, and are listed under “Available Contracts” on your profile if you’ve been directly invited. On our Marketplace, under “Browse Gigs” you are also able to find job opportunities that have been published to the entire Creator community.
  • What sets great Creators apart on 90 Seconds?
    90 Seconds is a global community of video professionals, comprising every role and skill level in the industry. Whether you are a camera operator or animator, a drone operator or a director, you can be a successful creator on the 90 Seconds regardless of your location. More than anything else, the three characteristics that determine your visibility, your client ratings and, ultimately, your success as a 90 Seconds Creator are a great profile; a forward thinking nindset; and being a proactive communicator.
  • How do I raise an issue?
    Whether you want to talk to your 90 Seconds Production Service Manager directly, ask for an update, or change the time of your delivery, we’ve got you covered. Don’t rush to Intercom for support immediately - all communication will be made via the activity feed in your project page. Here you can directly raise issues, provide comments and request changes with the Production Service Manager and Brand Client.

Have more questions? Visit our Support page.