How to hire a freelance Sound Editor?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to hire a freelance Sound Editor?

A sound editor is a person who is hired in the initial planning stages of a film. The sound editor works directly with the director to bring out or develop a soundtrack that is consistent or one that complements the film. Most of his time is spent trying to manipulate the original recordings using audio plug – ins, samplers and synthesizers.

What to look for

How good can one hear?

A good sound engineer should have good ears. This means that he or she should be able to recognize different sounds and also tell if a certain sound has been used in the wrong film.

How effective can one be with electric equipment?

In most cases, electric equipment is used especially for mixing sounds as well as sound recording. A good sound specialist should have general knowledge on how to use various sound electric equipments.

To what extent can one be relied on?

Reliability is very important in the film industry. This is because changes occur each and every time and thus the sound tracks may need to vary. A good audio designer should be reliable in that he or she will be present when need arises.

How creative can one be?

One should be very creative as well as innovative so that the film can be exceptional. The sound tracts are very important when a film is being rated.

Know what you need

Do you have an input list?

If you need or have some inputs, it is good to send them to the sound engineer prior to the rehearsals. In this way, the sound person will have the setup ready before the rehearsals. This helps to eliminate any confusion on the due date.

Do you have any suggestions or specific style you would like the sound guy to consider?

Most sound engineers take pride in what they do and most of them do not like to be ordered around. Therefore, it is important to give your suggestions beforehand so that the sound designer can give his views on the same.

What kind of film are you shooting and how often do you need the sound designer?

It is important to know the kind of film you are shooting. That means the time needed as well as the expertise. This will help you know the time the sound guy should come in and also the cost implications.

Questions to ask a potential candidate

How much do you do you want to be paid?

This is very important since there are those audio editors who are very expensive. Once you know the cost implication, then you can decide whether to hire or not.

Have you worked with any other film producer?

Experience is needed in any job. If one has done a previous job successfully, then there are chances that he can do the specific job effectively. As the producer you should ask for any success stories in the previous job.

What makes you different from other sound editors?

This will help range their level of creativity. The sound guy should have qualities that are admirable and that show he or she is perfect for the job.

How good can you interact with other people?

A good sound editor should not only know how to mix sounds but also how to interact with people. This is because he or she will have to deal with different people while the film is being produced.

Do you consider yourself a detail person?

A good audio editor should be able to note a problem immediately especially when it comes to recognizing sounds. One should be able to note small details that others cannot see or hear.