How to become a Production Coordinator?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to become a Production Coordinator?

A production coordinator works with a producer or production manager. They help to coordinate with individuals involved in the filmmaking to ensure everyone comes together for the video production.

They also serve as a supervisor to any of the production assistant staff. It tends to be more of an office position rather than a hands on position.

Get some experience

Can you showcase your knowledge of video production?

Understanding the process of video production is imperative. In your portfolio you may want to outline one of your projects and everything you did on the job. You may even consider adding a snippet of one of your projects.

Is your portfolio organized?

Since organization is a huge part of the job, your portfolio, whether it is online or not, should be extremely organized and easy to decipher.

Is your strategy outlined?

As a production coordinator, you have to have a basic strategy for your projects. While outlining this, you should also find a way to show your flexibility.

Play to your strengths

Are you a good communicator?

A freelance production coordinator has to work with many different people in order to get their job done.

Good communication skills are imperative as well as organizational skills. They must know how to relate and communicate with several different people and keep everything well planned and organized.

Can you be creative with your solutions?

They should be creative so they can develop unique and flexible ways to problem solve in the role.

Freelance production coordinators must work with many different people on and offset to coordinate the video production. They will have to work with varying schedules and may have to get creative to be successful.

Do you have a video and administrative background?

They should also have a good understanding of the video production process and administrative skills.

Knowing how the video production process works allows them to know how to plan for different scenarios and ensure the project is completed.

Computer literacy skills play a big role and are important to success in this role.


Once you have mastered the freelance production coordinator role, you may be looking for other positions or related roles that you should look into.

Some similar roles to consider include producer and production manager. As a freelance production coordinator, you report to both of these positions.

The natural next step would be the production manager role but if you want to have more of a role in the video development, being a producer is another great option.