How to become a 3D Modeling Artist?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
How to become a 3D Modeling Artist?

As technology has progressed, the video industry has progressed with it. Many movies used to employ concrete props to represent special effects. This quickly advanced to chroma key, or green screen, technology and has culminated with the development 3D modeling technology. There are many ways that people can get involved in 3D modeling and the movie industry is only one of several different industries; however, for people interested in getting started with 3D modeling for the movie industry, there are several important tips that people should keep in mind.

Get some experience

The portfolio will matter

Nobody is going to hire someone without first seeing their prior work. Like many parts of the arts industry, the portfolio is going to be key. Be prepared to show off some high-quality work when people ask to see the portfolio. Always add to it to show skill advancement.

Relevant experience

Because there are many different ways to enter the 3D modeling space, many people start off in other industries such as architecture and engineering. It is perfectly acceptable to start here and move to film; however, be prepared to discuss how the skills learned in those other industries will translate to movies.

Degrees are key

Education is important for the 3D space because the technology is always changing and improving. Possessing a degree in the 3D modeling space will help earn this coveted position.

Play to your strengths

Build on experience

Because there are so many ways in, people should remember to put their experience to work. Thinking outside the box is okay, but when it comes time to put the final project together, take advantage of what prior experience has taught you. This could be from the healthcare industry, the architecture world, or the film world. The final project should reflect the pinnacle of this experience.

Think about technology

3D modeling relies heavily on the capabilities of the technology being employed. Some people are better with computers than others. If technology is a challenge, delegate this task to someone else.

Don't be afraid to use the hands

Sometimes, putting together a 3D modeling shot might require some concrete geometry first. Breaking out the pen and paper or using clay to model a challenging shot is perfectly acceptable. Get the shot right the first time.


The 3D modeling industry is growing quickly and while many people want to enter the world of film, it is okay to start somewhere else. Using 3D modeling for architecture, healthcare, and engineering can help to build someone’s resume to eventually enter the film world. Within the film industry, people might be interested in taking a job as a storyboarder to help see how scenes fit together and how 3D modeling brings those scenes to life. Even a job with the lighting department can help give a unique view that helps people visualize scenes in 3D. The graphics department will always be a great gateway to the world of video editing and 3D modeling as well.