Why You Should Use Video In Your Marketing Campaigns

Posted 2 years ago | by 90 Seconds

Why You Should Use Video In Your Marketing Campaigns

If you need convincing that your business would benefit from online video then this article aims to educate you on the main reasons why it will do that very job.

A video on your website landing page or homepage can and will, when done affectively, boost your conversion rates. A video will educate the audience, it will explain what your product or service is much quicker than written word or still imagery will. A video on your desired webpage will have a smaller footprint than that of endless text explaining details of your business or product. Just think about instruction booklets you get with new products, boring right? Explainer videos can be 2-5 minutes which is much quicker and more easily absorbed than a large chunk of text. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” so that means a 1-minute video is worth 1,500,000 words, if you’re using 25 frames per second, too geeky? Let’s bring it back to basics.

Video builds trust with your audience. Trust can lead to loyalty and loyalty to increased revenue, increased word-of-mouth referrals and increased customer satisfaction. People trust a video because they can see the product, they can see what it does and they can see it working. If your line of business is in the service sector then you can use a video to show off your staff or utilise that viewing time to share some facts about your company, possibly testimonials or success rates of your service.

I learnt this next one a good 8 years ago now, Google loves video. Maybe because they own YouTube but you’re significantly more likely to turn up on the higher results pages if you have a video on your homepage. If you want to survive as an online business you must take results pages seriously, or you’ll just drown in the sea of businesses you are similar to. Without getting too technical, pay close attention to SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for your video, make sure it is tagged appropriately as good SEO doesn’t cost the world and has no ongoing costs associated to it.

The ROI on video is better than it has ever been with video production becoming more affordable in the last 10 years. The dawn of high-specification but lower cost cameras has lead to agile video production individuals, like myself, being able to offer great results at surprisingly competitive rates.

With websites like Facebook heavily incorporating video into their users’ feeds, mobile has taken video under its wing and users are lapping it up. Short-form video on mobile is so easily digested that you would be simply foolish to ignore the possibilities which that offers. Take heed however, the video you push on mobile must not automatically be the same you would push on a T.V. ad campaign or similar. It should be something which is more customised for the audience who are going to view it. Maybe something less intrusive and more lighthearted just to simply ease them in the direction of your website or business.

Referring back to comments I made about increased word-of-mouth, you will often find that video will encourage greater shares over social platforms. A wide reach can be achieved without having to fork out for a international campaign. These things can spread like wildfire when done properly or sometimes just by sheer coincidence. I’m sure you’ve all seen your friends share a video they liked and you may indeed also have shared video content before, just think of that being a video you produced and what that exposure may do for your business.

I’ll close by saying this and I mean no disrespect to your audiences, video is the easiest content to absorb, it can be taken in by the laziest of online users but it will stick with them and will have a high chance of influencing them towards your product and or your business.

Posted 2 years ago | by 90 Seconds

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