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Safe and clean shoots, how does 90 Seconds approach this?

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The world we live in is changing. And as COVID-19 continues to disrupt day to day life, we have also carefully adapted the way we work and collaborate with each other where necessary. More than ever, it is imperative we employ every possible safety precaution when and where we’re able to film, to ensure all 90 Second shoots meet the highest safety standards.

While on-site filming is typically quite low contact by nature, we are going the extra mile by communicating government-approved measures and upholding local social distancing requirements so that brands can continue creating fresh video content through 90 Seconds.

At 90 Seconds we’re enforcing these safety standards, including:

1. Crew size

Limiting the size of the film crew, having only 1 creator on-site when possible.

2. Sanitized equipment

Making sure to wipe down all equipment before and after filming.

3. Mic check

Wiping down microphones before use and after use, and guiding client’s application of lapel microphones without contact.

4. Personal hygiene

Everyone on set will be required to:

5. Smart social distancing

As always, through our platform you can remotely access and collaborate with the local creator team as the shoot unfolds.

New safe shoots products

We have three new video packages, to help you create the kind of safe shoots that best suits your needs.

Safe Video Shoots

In addition to the standards outlined for every shoot, this solution comes with a professional Camera Operator that will be equipped with a telephoto lens, to capture all the right footage from a distance

Directed Safe Video Shoots

Need creative direction for your shoot? This package is perfect; it includes our new on-set measures and provides a remote creative director to help flesh out your concept and prep your video shoot.

Creator Home Studio Shoots

Looking to tell your brand’s story without going out? We’ll have a professional Camera Operator to capture the perfect video from their home, meaning you can keep creating despite travel restrictions.

90 Seconds
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