Leveraging Snapchat for your brand

Table of content
  1. Introduction
  2. Putting Marketing Dollars to Work
  3. Promoting your brand through Snapchat Videos
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90 Seconds
8 years ago・2 min read

As a marketing professional, you know the value of meeting your target audience where they are. You know where they work, what they binge watch, what they buy and how they live. And for many brand managers, this means being present on Snapchat. First let’s consider some quick numbers.

  • Snapchat’s video views have increased 400% year over year.
  • Users (Potential Customers) watch almost 1 million ads every single day.
  • People watch more videos on Snapchat than FaceBook (Shocking!!)
  • 7 out of 10 millennials (ages 18-34) are on Snapchat
  • 22% of Ad execs say they are advertising on Snapchat

Putting Marketing Dollars to Work

Chances are that your target audience is on Snapchat, particularly if you are selling to that millennial generation. How you develop a presence on the $20 Billion app will help shape your brand’s future. As you develop your plan for the 2016 holiday season and year 2017, are you putting your money to best use?

Promoting your brand through Snapchat Videos

You already know that social media promotion is very different from traditional marketing. You are engaging your target customer in a completely different way. Social media users don’t want to be “sold”. Rather they are looking for an experience. And if you can provide that right experience you will put these 150 million monthly active users to work for you, spreading the word and your content. Here are some great ways to develop videos that do just that.

1. Show a different side of your brand

Develop content that appeals to various targets and showcases who you are, not what you sell.

2. Develop an “insider” feel

Develop videos that make viewers feel like they are learning some inside information about your industry or company and they will want to share.

3. Make it exclusive

Don’t just rehash what you’ve been showing on FaceBook, etc. Develop new video content that seems fresh and cutting edge, just for Snapchat.

4. Make video fun and interactive

They won’t want to miss your next video if they are pieces of a whole. Maybe each one contains a piece of a code or a clue that leads them somewhere to get a special prize from your company.

5. Inspire

Engage your target with a mission. Investing in your brand is being a part of something. Make them proud to buy into you.