Posted 6 years ago

Introducing the new 90 Seconds Blog

90 Seconds
Shoot anywhere in the world.

90 Seconds is well known to the brands and creators that inhabit our platform. We have provided thousands of great videos to some of the biggest brands in the world, and thousands of hours of quality video production work to the creators all around the globe. We are truly a global video production company…but we don’t talk about it enough! We haven’t been there to tell brands about new trends in video production, amazing hardware developments, and what that means to the industry, or how to best promote your video online. For creators, we haven’t been there to help you grow your business, provide tips on managing your workflows, or even how to get into freelance video production, to begin with.

But that changes now.

Introducing the new 90 Seconds Blog!

For brands you will find regular updates covering everything from what to do when you finally realize you need to be creating video for your audience (don’t worry, we can help!) or how to create videos for different channels: on-site, Facebook? Youtube? Snapchat? Twitter? Some other hip social network that you haven’t even head of yet? Yeah – we can help with all that. Want to know how to create videos on a budget? Or how long your video should be? You’re in the right place!

For creators you can expect to find tips on how to grow your skillset and transition into larger video production projects. You’ll hear from real creators on 90 Seconds, writing for our blog about their experiences with 90, and their opinions on various hardware and software.

Expect something new every 4-6 days, covering topics mentioned above as well as some cool new features and enhancements we’re working on to make 90 Seconds even better.

Some upcoming topics include:

– How to Create a Killer Kickstarter Video
– Creating Short Form Video For the Web
– Current Trends in Video Production
– Financing Your Freelance Business
– A series on how to shoot & use different types of video for your brand

In the meantime, I am Justin, the Head of Online Growth here at 90 and most of the time you’ll hear from me. If you have any feedback or questions or if you want to write for the 90 Seconds blog send me an email!

90 Seconds
Shoot anywhere in the world.