Introducing our Curated Marketplace

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  1. Introduction
  2. What is the Curated Marketplace?
  3. What does the Curated Marketplace do for you?
  4. What’s available now?
  5. What if I want tailored video content?
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5 years ago・6 min read

We want it to be even easier for brands to work with us. So, we decided to simplify, streamline and automate the video purchase and production process.

What is the Curated Marketplace?

The Curated Marketplace is our new browsing and purchasing experience tailor-made for brands of pre-configured video production packages. If you want to shoot an interview, design a case study, or create an ad for your product, we’ve got you covered.

We’ve come up with a list of video projects which brands can buy on their own, completely off-the-shelf.

Rest assured. The scale and scope of work as specified in the project are proven to deliver results. And don’t worry about the cost – the Curated Marketplace offers packages for different budgets and styles.

What does the Curated Marketplace do for you?

We want you to have a hassle-free browsing experience. That’s why we’ve made sure that navigating the Curated Marketplace interface will be a breeze. Easily browse through available template options and access all necessary information in a single place.

Our video production packages are priced according to market standards. So you’re expected to pay standardized prices for your videos.

Also, you’ll see the number of shoots and videos required for your chosen package, as well as the production crew that will bring your story to life.

Each package will provide you with essential information including product descriptions, prices in your country’s currency, resources, and creators involved.

What’s available now?

Discover some types of video production packages that we’re offering. More coming your way. Stay tuned!

Creating meaningful event videos

You may need to shoot a corporate event, fashion show, or industry conference. And we’re here to make it happen, anywhere in the world.

Events video is one of our most popular video categories. So far, we have worked with global brands such as Facebook and Moët Hennessy to capture every moment.

Moet Hennessy – Stakes Day 2019

Connecting with audiences through ad videos

From Uber to McDonald’s, we’ve had some of the world’s biggest and most trusted brands use our services to create some great promotional content. From television commercials to social media video ads, we’re here to capture the attention of your audience for you.

Let people shine with interview videos

Need to feature a customer or employee? Interview videos give viewers a better understanding of your organization and/or the benefits of your product.

We’ve worked with companies such as PayPal and Amazon. And we look forward to helping you capture the right message.

The case for case study videos

Case studies are an effective way to demonstrate how your products or services can be used and how customers can successfully implement and benefit from them.

Creating intuitive, emotive content that leaves a lasting impression upon your audience just got simpler with our Curated Marketplace.

Delight people with amazing animation videos

Want to educate and entertain your audience without confusing them with too much information? Bring your product or brand to life with lively and vibrant animated videos which can help people easily grasp complex concepts.

Brands such as Neutrogena and Hewlett-Packard have leveraged our services to make some great animated context.

HP Worldwide – GSB SmartStream D4D product demo

Break it down with product demo videos

Want people to instantly connect to your product or service? Show them how it works! Use product demos to help people feel certain that only your product is the only one they need.

Whether it’s a shiny new sound system or a technology, we’ll help you create a product demo which makes everything seem as easy as 1-2-3.

Sanitarium – Product Demo Explainer

Showcase executives with people profile videos

If you have an inspirational story that needs to be told, what better way to do so than to make a people profile video?

It’s important for companies to feature executives and share their messages across their organization, as we have done with Ernst & Young.

UBS – Tech Graduate Programme 2019

What if I want tailored video content?

Not a problem! If you’re looking to create tailored video content or have custom requirements, you can chat with our producers and we’ll scope a custom project and quote to cover your needs.