What a difference a year makes for our Creator community

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90 Seconds
6 years ago・2 min read

2017 may be long gone, but we wanted to take a minute to stop and take a look at some of the big wins we accomplished last year. Take a look.

We could not have done any of this without the thousands of creators, who helped us produce over 9300 videos, paying out $8.8M USD to our creator community within one calendar year. All in all, we activated our 10,000th creator, and grew our creator coverage to over 550+ cities across 120+ different countries!

But even more than that, we are thrilled with the various platform improvements that we rolled out throughout the year. Topping the list was the ability for creators to choose their preferred rates when creating their profile. This means creators are given control upfront. Creators get to choose the type (and amount) of work they want to be offered. It also means creators will not be bothered with opportunities that do not interest them.

This type of transparency is key to our mission, to build the world’s best video creation platform. Our recommendation is to choose as many Service Quality Levels as you are willing and able to deliver. You can change it later – just remember that adding higher ones requires additional review from the Creator team.

We are excited to roll out many new developments on the roadmap for 2018. Next up on the blog we will share another way we began providing support to creators last year. Stay tuned!

And as 2018 pushes forward, we remain committed to work with more creators this year than ever before. So, please reach out – we would love to hear from you on Instagram and Twitter!