Business videos on YouTube: 20 actionable steps to get you started

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  1. Introduction
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8 years ago・5 min read

Did you know that 500 years worth of YouTube videos are watched via Facebook daily? In addition, 700 YouTube video links are shared on Twitter each minute. Fueling this demand and interest is the fact that about 100 hours of new video is uploaded to YouTube per minute.

Clearly, if your business isn’t using YouTube marketing as a part of its branding and promotional arsenal, you’re missing out. YouTube video marketing can add a vital dimension to your brand’s reach across the Internet. From local YouTube videos to clips that have potentially worldwide appeal, this medium is extremely powerful – when done well. We’ve narrowed it down to into 4 crucial parts with each component easily itemised to help you lay out a clear strategy.

The following are 20 crucial and actionable steps to help get you started.

1. Define Your Audience

Who is your target audience? This will likely be in line with your business target audience, but you might choose to focus on just one segment of this group.

2. Do Your Homework

Next is the research phase; what does your audience like to watch? Which topics or YouTube video ideas are trending with this group at this time? Research possible subjects and plotlines. Glean inspiration from your competitors’ videos.

3. Define the Goal of the Video

What is the desired outcome or result of the video? Do you want the target group to buy a specific product, register for an event, or lend their support to a cause? Be as specific as possible.

4. Select the Style

Based upon the subject matter and goal, decide on the style of video. An interview format, explainer, corporate overview, AVP, humor or entertainment are just a few possibilities.

5. Create a Script, Outline and/or Storyboard

Now it’s time to create and flesh out the content of the video. Enlist your top creative minds to brainstorm YouTube video ideas. Next, create a script, outline or visual storyboard that maps out the progression and content of the video.

6. Don’t Forget a Call to Action

A call to action should be included in all business videos. It may be overt or subtle. It can be as simple as your website URL shown at the bottom throughout the entire duration of the video or just at the end. This call to action should be tailored to the video message and integrated with your overall branding and marketing strategy

7. Decide on Budget

Have a pre-production planning meeting and decide on the budget, necessary resources, timeframe and key strategies to be implemented.

8. Choose an In-House Production Agency – or Outsource It

Now you got it all mapped out, it’s time for you to decide on how to get your video produced. Depending on the complexity of the video, you can choose to have it done in-house or outsource it to a local video production company.

Whether you outsource or settle on a DIY video depends on several factors (like budget, availability, timeframe).

Both have advantages and disadvantages, just make sure you find the time to weigh the pros and cons. Better yet, if you can find a hybrid solution where you get the benefits of an in-house team and the experience and skills of a professional video production, then that would be a winning strategy.

Whether you opt to hire a reputable video production agency, or designate a qualified in-house team, at the end of the day, producing high-quality video with a clear message is of the utmost importance.

9. Make Final Decisions About Look and Feel

Do you want your video to be cool, serious, cute, dramatic, funny, edgy, or a blend of several of these qualities? Make your final decisions about look, feel, style and overall vibe.

10. Find Your Talent

If actors, technicians or video resources will be needed, find, hire or otherwise procure them.

11. Music and Narration

Choose the audio elements of your video. You may need music, narration, voice overs and sound effects.

12. Editing

A high quality editing job is key to the success of a video and its ability to make an impact. Have your YouTube videos editor consider elements like length, transitions and flow in addition to content and audio.

13. Review and Re-shoot

As the video is being edited, all footage should be reviewed and re-shot as needed.

14. Upload to YouTube

Finally, you get to go public! Create a business YouTube channel and upload your completed video.

15. Post on Social Networks

Many social networks allow for the inclusion of video. Be sure to upload to all of your channels, or at least post a link to it.

16. Embed Liberally

Be on the lookout for video-friendly and mobile-friendly sites frequented by your target audience where you can embed your video.

17. Blogs and Email Newsletters

Spread the word! Send out your video in your company e-newsletter. Write a blog post or two about it. Comment on relevant industry blogs and post your video if allowed.

18. Advertise

If applicable, consider using your video in paid advertising through hubs like Google and Facebook. Be sure your keywords point to your target audience via local YouTube videos as well as nationally and/or globally.

19. Review the Response

Keep a close eye on the comments your video receives. Consider using polls or surveys to garner feedback so that you can ensure your video is making the desired impact. Fine-tune the video as needed.

20. Learn, Refine and Repeat

By now, this will have been quite the learning experience – hopefully an enjoyable and successful one! If you made any mistakes during your YouTube video production, don’t sweat it. Simply use them as feedback so that your next YouTube video production experience goes even more smoothly and the finished product is even more effective.

Online video media is thriving in popularity, and your business can’t afford to miss out. Parlay professional YouTube videos into more buzz and more profits for your company. Use these YouTube video ideas to get started, and have fun with it. You just never know where YouTube video marketing might lead!

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