What is a Graphic Rig?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: October 4, 2023
What is a Graphic Rig?

When people think about the essentials of filming and shooting a video, the most important part of the process is the equipment.

Everyone knows that even phones have cameras; however, the quality of the equipment can make the difference between a spotty film and a masterpiece that is fit for the big screen.

There are a multitude of different rigs that people rely on to shoot a video, such as a shoulder rig that stabilizes the camera shot; however, many people are confused about what a graphic rig is used for.

A rig is any extension that is used to improve the quality of a piece of equipment or shot. A graphic rig is used to improve the graphics that accompany a camera shot.

Most people understand that many shots require editing to make them flow smoothly with a film. A graphic rig can help this happen.

A Graphic Rig for animation

Many people have seen movies with characters that obviously weren’t portrayed by live actors. These are the products of animation that involve a graphic rig.

When people develop a skeleton that is used for the basis of an animated character, the character must be “rigged” with technology to help it move. A character cannot move until it is properly rigged and a graphic rig is an essential part of this process.

A Graphic Rig for body doubles

Many people know that certain actors and actresses take advantage of stunt doubles that have the physical ability to pull off stunts that look dangerous or life-threatening. However, these body doubles look exactly like the original actor or actress. Many times, these are the products of graphic rigs.

Film producers can use a graphic rig to “rig” the face or body of the actor or actress over the stunt double.

This is an essential part of making a movie blend seamlessly between high-action frames. This wouldn’t be possible without a graphic rig.

A graphic rig has had a variety of uses throughout some high-profile films that serve as great secondary examples that demonstrate its power.

A Graphic Rig at work in "Rogue One"

A graphic rig was used beautifully in Rogue One, as many people noticed that the young face of Carrie Fisher was used to play Princess Leia at the end. The producers used a graphic rig to take the face of the 1970s Princess Leia and place the face on a body double at the end of the movie. This is the demonstration of a graphic rig at work.

A Graphic Rig in horror movies

A graphic rig plays a large role in horror movies to help “rig” and animate the monsters that drive the story. A graphic rig is essential for the special effects of the film genre.