Why is the Activation Call held over video call?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: September 12, 2023

90 Seconds uses Zoom video conferencing to conduct a Technical Activation call with every Creator prior to working together. 

We use video conferencing to make the call more personable and meet together “face to face”. We are a video company and we like to meet the passionate and talented Creators that we are going to be working with. 

  • We record the call and add it to your profile for producers to reference. 
  • The file is not available to Brands or other Creators. It is exclusively available internally for producers. 
  • We provide the Call Agenda in advance so you can prepare and know exactly what we are going to ask during the call. 
  • Hearing and seeing a Creator speak about their work is the best way to showcase your abilities, and fast tracks your profile to work with the best brands in the world. 

Tips for the Call

  1. Make sure you 90 Seconds profile is filled out completely, before the call. Learn what is required here
  2. Direct a light source at your face or sit near a window to ensure you are well visible on camera.
  3. Test your audio and video settings on your computer. We recommend using headphones with a microphone to ensure good sound and prevent feedback. 

90 Seconds conducts a rigorous screening process for every applicant. We are experts in video creation, and we look for Creators with passion and drive – the same kind of talent that we want to work with ourselves. 

Once we have been able to match your profile to the perfect job, we will contact you to schedule and complete your Technical Activation Call so you can get started on your job as quickly as possible.

If video conferencing is not available in your area, you can upload a video intro of yourself to your profile and complete the Technical Activation call over the phone. Please upload the file and let us know when scheduling the call.