What sets great Creators apart on 90 Seconds?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: September 12, 2023

90 Seconds is a global community of video professionals, comprising every role and skill level in the industry. Whether you are a camera operator or animator, a drone operator or a director, you can be a successful Creator on the 90 Seconds regardless of your location.

More than anything else, the three characteristics below determine your visibility, your client ratings and, ultimately, your success as a 90 Seconds Creator:

  1. A Legendary Profile – your 90 Seconds profile communicates your skill set, your personality and your experience as a professional working in the video space. It includes a descriptive summary of your working experience, the type of verticals and industry expertise, links to your portfolio of work and, most importantly, the Service Quality Levels that you are willing and able to deliver for each skill.
  2. A Forward Thinking Mindset – you embody the 90 Seconds manifesto and understand how the 90 Seconds value proposition complements your freelance business. You thrive in both the traditional production model and the space that emerged from the DSLR revolution.
  3. A Proactive Communicator – you communicate entirely though the 90 Seconds platform. During active projects, you respond to all client requests in a timely fashion. You work to provide brands with a real-time experience as you move along the production workflow.

The one thing not stressed above is a dedication to excellence. We have not included that because that is how you got into the 90 Seconds community in the first place. You wouldn’t be a member of 90 Seconds if that did not characterize your work to start.

To learn more about how to stand out, check out our profile tips to get the most out of your Creator profile.