Setting up your profile

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: September 12, 2023

The first step to gaining access to paid gigs on the 90 Seconds platform is a creator profile that showcases your talent and creativity to our brands. In order to match the right jobs to you, your profile must include the following details.

Personal details

Fill in your name, email, Skype, DOB, phone, location and upload your profile picture.

About yourself

The About yourself section is one of the most important sections of your application. Include your professional background, your working experiences, names of clients and industry verticals that you serve, and anything else that supports the skills you are applying for.

Look at an example of a great About Me here

Your equipment

List the gear you use in the Your equipment section, including specific make/model of camera, audio, software, lighting, and specialty/support equipment.

Work examples

Add a direct link to a work example for each skill that you are applying for. Add your company or personal website as well. 

What skills do you want to be hired for?

Select the skills you would like to be hired for. Remember, you must provide a work example for any skill that you apply for. We recommend that you apply for no more than five skills.

Service levels, rates and job sizes

Select your service level and job sizes for each skill that you apply for. This determines what types of projects you will be offered. Please select the most appropriate level based on the services that you are willing and able to provide. 

Payment information

Fill in your payment details for Hyperwallet.

Based on the above information input correctly in your profile, we will review it and contact you once we have found the perfect job to match your skillset and location. We will then schedule your activation call, you can prepare for the call by reviewing the Activation Call Agenda.