How do I get jobs?

Written by 90 Seconds
Last updated: September 12, 2023

1. Direct invitation 

Normally, contract invitations are sent out by a Producer to a small number of Creators that match the skills and experience required in the Client’s brief. These are allocated on a First-Come-First-Served basis, and are listed under “Available Contracts” on your profile if you’ve been directly invited. 

2. Open Marketplace

Under Gigs you’ll be able to find job opportunities that have been published to the entire Creator community.

You will only see jobs that match your activated skills, Service Quality Levels, and location – although you will occasionally find jobs that can be completed remotely anywhere in the world! You can apply for as many or little as you want. 

It is up to you to read through the job contract and project brief to decide if it’s something you are confident to deliver. 

These jobs are based on an application and review process. Each applicant will be reviewed by our Producer team to determine the best creator match. If you are assigned a contract, you will receive an email confirmation and it will appear on your Jobs Dashboard.

Do not worry if you’re not seeing gigs on your dashboard, we are working hard to open up opportunities for our creators all over the globe, visit your dashboard regularly so you do not miss out on gig invitations and published jobs!

We hope this helps, but if you’re still having trouble navigating the platform please reach out to our support team.